Doddling the Astral - A Skrying Journal

So here I am again on a very hot and humid evening awaiting the winter snow that makes everything ok.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of my personal journal entries regarding my skrying experiences. These date back from 1989 and on through 2002.

All of the experiments where performed through rigerous magickal rituals taking about one hour to perform which allowed me to enter the theta-gamma sync(back then at least). I enveloped myself in these rites to experience what EA would call “the Rapture”. These spiritual “emotions” varied in intensity and duration. Some days it worked while other times it was me going through the motions and pomp-circumstance. They were performed each night.

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a journal when performing skrying sessions in any medium. I have about 27 notebooks filled with information and imagery.

I used the following “tools” for my experiments:

1.) Large 9" diameter piece of glass from a glass store painted black on one side.
2.) Altar
3.) Two candles
4.) stick of incense
5.) black robe

Each session would be about 30-45 minutes in length. The issue I had to wrestle with was to not allow myself to fall into some type of self-induced sleep. One way to avoid this pitfall is to move your eyes to upper left then upper right, then lower etc. I believe I found this with NLP programming.

I would set vocally my intention, almost bordering on an invocation. I requested many things which I called “queries” directed at the mirror. I spoke to it as if it was a living breathing organism.

Most of the time I would pick and chose a particular magickal day and hour. For those of you who might be interested I found a small free windows app called “ChronosXP” that provides the magickal hours and days/planetary right on your system tray. The link is below

No triangle of the art was ever used in these sessions, simply a large round black painted mirror on a desk outside my circle.

This first drawing was one of my first “visionary enounters” with an angelic being. My query was tro behold an angelic vision. Keep in mind that I only viewed and witnessed visions and no communication with these beings ever toke place. My intention was to recieve and not to communicate.

Often times I would simply not have any intention at all but merely acquire the vision as is - randomly. I was learning at the time, this being appeared to me from nowhere and simply “gazed right back at me”.

This charming fellow appeared to me while, of all things, not skrying into the mirror but within a black vortex I created in front of me while learning to control my visualizations. He seemed to just be in the nearby astral and showed up for a visit.

This was one of my very first successful skrying sessions where I called out my intention (my future) and received what i asked. One image not shown here was that of a blue horse riding through the open field. The image of this “entity” that showed up for a visit was that of a bull or cow. It wanted to communicate but, I was only there for the visions and nothing more.

This journal entry is from circa 1991 where my query states " what will be my experiences in evocation". A flood of strange and wonderful images appeared. One of them was that of a being coming forth to me in a haze of blue light in the form of a cross which then transformed into a humanoid. below him were a group of shrouded beings.

This is by far my favorite from my past. I performed a rite of pathworking into the Fire Element realm through the Tattvas. The fire element was so intense in terms of the vision that it appeared in a blaze of sunlight. The vision was so clear that it was like throwing a basketball straight at my face and breaking my nose. Not to mention all the various entities I met along the way.

I have often been asked if I have ever met an entity from these experiences and obtained a sigil for prospective evocations and the answer is yes, however, most I have met have requested to keep their signatures a secret. There are so many amazing applications possible through skrying that it would keep you quite busy mastering the astral planes on your journey through your own ascent.

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Thank you very much for sharing this S.V.E., its both interesting and inspiring. The entity you saw in the black vortex looks a lot like the being I encountered doing the darkness meditations. A few others here came into contact with something similar so it would be interesting to see if the find any similarities as well.

This is badass S.V.E.!!! Thanks for sharing my man!

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve just started working with the tattva of fire. I also saw the sun, I also saw an angelic looking being with golden light reflecting or coming from him. Cool stuff.

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Most things worked amazingly well, it was only a small minority of images resized by the old forum’s software that look screwy on here.

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Thanx i thought these were lost forever

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Hey, I vibe with the Angel of Lost Things for a reason bro. :sunglasses: