Doctor Strange and real life

I usually am really behind on movies and stuff like that because I don’t follow popular media unless it’s something relavent to me but I finally watched Doctor Strange and I noticed it has some resemblance to what I have been learning about magic, like;

  • Astral forms
  • Other dimensions and beings from different existences
  • A divide between “good” and “evil” paths and that question of what is true good and evil.
  • A guru who wasn’t what she appeared as, the lesson of trusting yourself above others
  • Overcoming personal obstacles to improve yourself (Strange’s hands)
  • The use of magic as protection, healing tool and improvement means.

I think in these terms Doctor Strange is somewhat accurate to teachings about magic and the “unknown” spiritual forces. Of course things were a little theatrical, dramatic, but just for a more interesting story a creative mind could tell.

I was also really excited when I was the only one in the room who seemed to know that the Lesser Key of Solomon was a real tome. :joy: I actually liked that they connected real magical teachings into a Marvel sorcerer’s story.