Do You Want To Make Magickal History? Or Simply Repeat It?

History Is Hugely Convoluted!… When Magick Is Based Only In Historical Accuracy We Lose A Vital Creative Element!… Do You Want To Make History? Or Simply Repeated It?…

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it… but those who live in the past are doomed to only live it. A bit of a twist on the original quote but a view I hold rather strongly. When I get newcomers asking me for beginner tips and guidance I usually ask them one thing; “do you want to make history or simply repeat it?” The reason I ask this is because of how strongly the majority of community’s cling onto their historical accuracy. Now, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the historical accuracy of any given thing, and I am all for being aware of the origin any given thing comes from, but there is one thing that magickal practitioners should take into account. Magicians as a whole are looking to gain manifested results from magick; a magician and a historian are two different things. If you are here just for the history then that’s fine, but if you are looking for results as a magician, history may be the trap the prevents you from getting it.

First of all, lets address the fact that history is greatly convoluted. More so when it comes to ancient religions and traditions. Take the Vikings for example. Many if not all of the texts that exist on the mythology and history are not entirely an accurate representation of those times. For one the Norse tradition was an oral one, passed down through words rather than texts. Each household also had their own individual traditions making a collective tradition unachievable for the most part. Additionally, when things are passed on orally which also accounts for traditions such as Celtic, Druid, Shamanic and Witches as a whole, things get changed with each passing. Like a game of Chinese whispers what gets passed down to the next changes every time, with new and different interpretations, things get forgotten etc. The historical accuracy of these so called ancient traditions by most accounts don’t exist.

What Was Relevant In The Past Isn’t Now!… If The Old Doesn’t Evolve It Becomes Outdated!… Acknowledge, Adapt, Improve!!!

With this historical accuracy issue in mind when the magician (not the historian) chooses to base their magick only on history they can lose a vital create element in their magick. They end up repeating the old methods that for the most part are outdated and their results can hinder from that lack of present relevance. Let’s look at the Helm of Awe or the Aegishjalmur as an example. Historically it is said the Helm of Awe was meant to put fear into the enemy in battle, yet in the modern day the majority of people use it as a protection symbol. Why? Because interpretations and kennings change as time goes on. This does not mean that the old meaning is wrong, as rightfully so it is historically more accurate. But in terms of getting results most magicians will get results as a protection symbol as it has been ingrained more heavily in their own mind and validated by a vast majority of other practitioners.

What was relevant in the past is irrelevant now. What would you rather do, wash your clothes by hand in a metal basin? Or put them in the washing machine? Most will choose the washing machine as it is quicker, easier and more efficient. Magick is no different. Newer methods, models and interpretations are much more up to date with current paradigms and programming’s. The ancient ways have evolved into the newer age for us to make them more efficient.

A lot of practitioners seem to be afraid to make history as they feel since it’s not the norm, or because it’s not historically accurate it makes them some sort of heretic perhaps. Yet the only way these things evolve is through one person trying something new. Evolving, tweaking and changing the method. This is where the magician’s creative element is essential. With most history being inaccurate and difficult to follow it is up to the magician to acknowledge the history that is there, and create new history. To pave a new road for progress through their own creative ability rather than the text of an ancient person that could have been completely wrong in their documentations. History is for the historians to preserve and if that’s you, that’s fine. But the magician bases their path on what works and gets the results, not what bias historical writers deemed to be a true representation of history.

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Asbjorn Torvol


An interesting take would be if someone from another culture decided to do what Odin did. Look within and discover The Runes…but with their own unique design pertaining to their culture. It would be the next step of bridging magick. Not a new idea, but like you said most people are used to traditional idea of runes.

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I was thinking about this today! I want to start my own business and i’ve read enough business books to know you need to look at your competition and see what they ARENT doing.

Then it clicked for me today that my magical practice shouldnt be any different. Study the basics, get my footing then find the gaps. What do I need? What does humanity need? What arent there dozens of magick books about?

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Rule of thumb. Be different, but not too different. Otherwise you will turn alot of people off. They have to be able to relate.

Relating is over-rated. Buying into the collective too much is disempowering and limiting. There’s power in damnation. :smiling_imp:

Not really. Try to sell a Christian the idea that Satan is the repackaged version of Jesus by telling them how he loves you, etc. I see a very empty bank account. You need to think of it more like a business and less like a Revolution.

Hmmm that’s just it. I don’t need to sell anyone anything. I’m Not looking for converts. If a Christian wants to enslave themselves to that paradigm, more (or less) power to ‘em.

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