Do you use the five elements for spirit fighting?

Do you use the five elements for spirit fighting against negativity ?

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five elements?

Maybe they mean Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Spirit.
The 5 elements.

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What kind of negativity are we talking about?

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Ah, use my elemental energy which consists of the 4 basic elements and the 5th aether, among others if that counts.

I think he may have actually be referring to Wuxing, the Chinese/Taoist 5 elements, which are Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood.

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Hell yes I do! Oh my goat, that’s my current rabbit hole! I have so much to say about this. I’ve been kickin’ around the idea of making a YouTube video about it. It all ties together, across the fuckin’ globe. I’m biding my time before making my move, I’m certain there is more I have yet unearth.

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I got to that in my research. It tripped me up, apparently it doesn’t ALL tie together. If I’m not mistaken, those are the five elements of feng shui. I tried my best to draw a parallel but had to admit it was an entirely seperate system.

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Well, not specifically feng shui. It is the Taoist 5 element theory, and feng shui is a Taoist art.


I’m going to assume you mean fighting spirits, as fighting ‘negativity’ is a bit broad.

Sometimes. For the most part, it is energy you build up and then ‘frame’ or give an intent to. You can ‘frame’ the energy you gather into fire, and use it as a weapon, though molding the energy through intent is what makes the fire ‘burn’.

It all comes down to being able to manipulate energy according to need. Different needs, different amounts of energy and structure required

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Hiya OP! If you can win a battle with a being via manipulation of elementary forces, it was a pretty primitive creature. :slight_smile:

That’s…not exactly what that means… o.o

This guy is talking about Mao Shan spirit fighting here.