Do you think there is a incubus?

So basically, i did the letter of intent about a year and a bit ago asking for a incubus. I’ve also “bought” a companion before that, i’m not sure if it was legit, but it was suppoused to be them finding one that wanted to be around me, nothing forced or anything. But honestly, it’s been over a year, and i havent felt anything and although i medidate and try, and even talk to “them” i can’t help but feel somtimes i’m just losing it and there is nothing there. I’m not sure what to believe anymore honestly

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spirit keeping services are always iffy and should never be paid for unless you can sense better because a lot of them are scams.


I figured so, but that thought came only after i had paid for it lol. I did also write the letter though, so i mean, for none of that to have worked is… strange i guess? or mabye it’s not

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Well if you wrote the letter of intent, then there’s a chance. However seems your senses aren’t worked on very well. So you won’t get anywhere until you can sense and feel spirits (as well as communicate).

However yeah, @Velenos has a point on the so called spirit-keeping stuff (I mean even the name of it is dumb).