Do you think any of these demons can do good love spells?

Do you think any of these demons can do good love spells?
If so could they do very good ones?
Could they create false memories too?

Well, since none of those spirits are associated with love, I doubt they would be of any use in a “love spell.”


Whoa seriously?
Ooh the saga thickens.
Anyways in my other thread, these were the 5 mysterious sigils left opened.
They aren’t mysterious as in who, but as in how did they get there.
We eventually figured it out and realized they were left open for nearly 2 years

I think any demon can do any thing but you will find that if you ask a demon who is best at say war to help you in love, the demon will do so but their gifts might rise their head. You may find your new love to be very combative for example.


Sallos dantalion sitri beleth gremory guision furfurs and I’m sure I’m missing one but they all deal in matters of love and other things one way or another try any of them

I am suggesting you to search in the forum an get familiar with results of other people. There are many complains about demons effectiveness.

Yeah that is sort of what I suspect, that they all sort of have talents in all the areas but just that some are more specialized in certain areas. It doesn’t really prove one thing or another about my situation I suppose.

But I think Love and war have plenty in common, both tend to involve strategies, fighting, diplomacy and making deals and as honest as you try to be you always end up having to play some game of slight of hand.

@bunny4cam Oh yes I may be interested in an unusual layered approach, but I think I will make a post about it. I am familar with most of these. Dantalion almost snuck past my noticing until I found him in the comments when researching the others, Furfurs did I know about him? He sounds familiar?
Okay yeah I think I forgot to write him down… perhaps? I like that he teaches ethics, which is really nice because using demons to create love seems mostly black with little room for grey areas.
Guision I think did sneak past my notice. I see him now #11.

@huidini It seems people on the forum will tend to like to ask which demon they can use to do love spells and then get upset when it doesn’t work and as I said “Using demons to create love seems mostly black with little room for grey areas.” It’s generally not romantic, it might work for me… but that is a super sketchy grey area though even in my situation to use demons… again.

I think we live in such a go and get society filled instant microwavable stuff and friends you can add or delete at the bush of a button, but people are much more dimensional about it things than that. I think perhaps it’s easier for me to see given the guy I liked and how we met was just wildly surrealistically magical but I think that is part of it, we lose someone like that and we turn to magick to bring back the magic.

Maybe we can look at ourselves and say wow look at me, I can do the LRBP, I am a great magician for this reason I can summon a demon and I dunno but I myself have been liking this guy now for officially over a year. We met one year ago yesterday on 911. He is a horror writer who I am pretty sure is a magician who works with demons and all that shit and I have to be prepared because if I break ethics in doing something like this, I could have a shit ton of angry demons on my back… again!

It’s like war, perhaps exactly like war. lol

I can’t just call on Sallos and expect results, if I did that it would probably not go to well and if he did one of his little well I revealed why he wasn’t good for you Saga you can move on with your life sort of bits, with all due respects to Sallos, I could not would not be satisfied with just that, not in a long shot after what I’ve been through!

When crafting love magick, you have to ask, is this thought out? Does this give me another shot? What will be different this time? Is this still romantic or is it just weird morbid and creepy?

Hears what I did last time for example. Belial set things up without me knowing, he took me to hell, left part of my soul there and taunted his higher self, while letting him know he was planning on continuing to steal pieces of my soul and drag it to hell, until he found the part of him that still cared about me enough to try to save me and it got us on some level to reconnect telepathically enough to try to give the relationship another try… almost.

I think it would be a mistake to send those beings over to him to sway him a delude him for sure. To re council is a bit more tempting, I might want to spend a long time contemplating Furfurs ethics. I think topping my last attempt won’t be easy, maybe not possible, maybe just stupid and reckless, but I think I might consider having them work on my self more than anything. That would be the fun part, getting Demons like Belial, Foras, Orbas and Marbas to work on my energy to give a template for perhaps the demons mentioned earlier as well as possibly Crocell, Valefar, Amon, Zepar, Forneus, Vuall and Oso to give a top coat to tweak the energy I give off through my DNA to give a supercharged Sexy as fuck Lustful lure, the kind that (me) not the demon could be held responsible for changing orientations if I so chose, lol.

But in truth there is other more important areas that need to be worked on. If I just wanted some degree of passion to be renewed I would just sing out the angelic name Ravchiel a few times and i would be able to feel energetically our passion being renewed for a good 5 minutes before the drug hit slipped away yet again. I can’t over do it! lol

I could do things like work with Foras, Ipos, Naberius, and Ronove to help me write better emails and texts but there’s still more core stuff that is less fun but is still WAY more important to get done.

Perhaps I ought to get a hold of Vuall, Vine, Astaroth and Marax for divination to look at all the possible scenarios to find the very few where things actually work out right first of all. To see what is actually needed for this to succeed.

Or… perhaps I could use Foras to perceive the needs of the guy that I like that I still haven’t picked up on and then use a demon like Lucifuge or perhaps Marax to make a pact with to hold my silly ass lazy feet to overcoming my negative habits I no longer desire and to build a stronger foundation to bring this man to in the first place, so that when I do sweet talk and seduce and do everything right to get this guy back in my life, that this is the last time I have to do this because this time it’s working out, and this time I play for keeps.

Also I would be combining all the Goetic demons with their ruling angels to give additional powers to the whole recipe.

In truth I haven’t done much work with demons, I’ve just had enough scary experiences to have an idea of what I am getting into, done a bit of research and have a will to give the moon and move Heaven and Hell just to make it work.

But I would need more research.

Anyways I dunno I think it would make a better separate post what do you guys think?

This is a little on the difference between how I have to and want to approach something like this, that thing at the start was just something I was curious about for an almost unrelated issue.

But what do you guys think? Are you feeling it? Is that something you guys could sink your teeth into?
The difference of approach I mean? I think I could be on the way to revolutionizing this area of magick from the magick spell that is essentially the magick equivalent to a pick up line… and or rape… depending on what you are doing exactly… to the actual thought out, felt out magick inner and outer game theory of romance, relationship repare, self help, magick and seduction approach, but I would need the forums help with that. it’s too big a project for just me.

But I would see few reasons why it would be very good for the forum to help me. 1) As I said I think I maybe onto something that is a big game changer here, I mean this is just a sample of what I am thinking, granted a fairly big sample but just a sample. 2) It is a HUGE topic here, perhaps one of the most posted, most read and most irritatingly annoyingly repetitive posts about getting an ex back on the whole site if not the biggest request. And finally 3) Because if we can get this to work, it will work for ALL OF YOU because I am the worst of the worst, the most hopeless of the hopeless, if it works for me it is basically guaranteed to work for all of you too.

Furfurs is wonderful lete tell you

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Yes, associations are just what humans give them. Demons while do have some limitations in their skills, like everyone. A demon can still do energy work and love spells etc without being associated with it.


You are the love spell. The demons carry your intent