Do you recommend the golden dawn system to a beginner

The title says it all.

I would but I want to emphasize that this system requires dedication.

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I recommend whatever you want to follow, as a beginner you can choose to follow your own “system” or follow another. I don’t follow any system, never did as a beginner. However, if you feel drawn to it go for it.


I have a habit of needing to know everything about this system or that system.


Like any legitimate system, it is designed to take you from beginner to adept, if you work it diligently as it is meant to be followed, and don’t try to make substitutions until you are at least proficient in the rituals as they are supposed to be used.


Thr system does require the practitioner to do a good deal of study, but with some work it can give you good foundation that can be applied to almost anything else.

I’m one of the people where “I’ve been doing this 25 years and have only recently been directed to the Goetia/Enochian systems.” Where I start as a middle aged woman, all over again. But it is in goodness. I’ve asked for it, just forgot to include, in my youth, I had a preference to learn what I needed to learn by a particular age; yet there are no time stamps on the “lineage” of when it would actually find me.

I sincerely believe in Signs and we will go where we are directed at the proper point to the timeless essence and entities. Like, I think Velenos said, they never began as a “beginner,” yet a lot of people aren’t as bold in his or her own esteem to regard anything other than a beginning point because it is natural when we already believe in a ending point- point A to B.

Some, like myself, have had the dedication for decades, yet were led astray until the time was deemed right. Perhaps the purity of my dedication had been swathed and not seen as a whole, but rather a series of “holes” i had been constantly running to patch up versus a steady line, which my own natural taking led me versus following what book-writers found worked for themselves.

Patching holes to make a Whole in my individual path I have come to view as a sort of “grunt work”, a timely proof for lack of a better word, showing the Old Ones I am “worthy”, that I’d proven my dedication.

reading (a LOT) from other’s grimoires is just that- someone else’s. It is good for each of us to simply dive in and thru trial and error your path will be given to you-- I sincerely believe we are directed, given, even rewarded by the time we feel completely comfortable in a system. Before that, we are still building, letting the Old Ones see our dedication. Some are ripe and ready as children, some are even “drafted” as children, led down a path by elders because their essence is so promising, yet the child had no clue he or she was different than any another child.

Ending, I believe if a person actually makes it to the 5% of people to full on “make it” where it is found he or she is a serious Magician, it is predestined, like a “calling” of sort. There is no beginning “for beginners”, truthfully, and there is no end-- just allow yourself to be guided and you will find where your individual self is strongest.You are where you need to be, no beginning and no end.


depends on the individual.

This is impressive. A lot of truth and rare insight, Magiluz. What you said make sense.