Do you realize how difficult it is?

To be a human alone without the tools of ideologies to rely on for whatever purpose they were created and tread the metaphysical path as an atheist ?

It is the true pathway however for humanity. No names that appear in ideologies, no judgments pre-conceived by ideology or hearsay, wielding the only but greatest gift humanity has ever been given, that which was, is and has been subverted to a point whereby it was almost impossible to happen upon.

With only the eyes to see, earnt through falling in love, only by sheer will, only by sheer determination and faith in oneself as a human can it be found and understood.

I rekindle the flame of the ages, I breathe life into the very essence of the human spirit. I give you, humanity back the ‘concept of god’.

The holy trinity - the too of learning for all life in this super cosmos that has the capacity to learn.

The Unknown.

Wield it wisely.