Do You Plan To Be Buried Or Cremated?

I haven’t made up my mind about this - for years I assumed cremation would be best, with my ashes quietly scattered in a watercourse, but lately I’ve got to thinking there might be advantages to me of having not just a plot in the local authority boneyard, but an actual full-on TOMB of some kind.

Maybe just for ashes, but hell, maybe a fully embalmed body, I mean both are equally gross when you think about it. Or a realistic sculpture of me in my prime, over a marble tomb to house the actual bones… I love looking at those in old cathedrals.

Not going to go crazy saving for a pyramid of my own just yet, but I wondered if anyone here has any strong feelings about what kind of burial you want, and whether those feelings have changed due to your magick, and realisations along that path?

Cremated, just find it nicer xD

this is something that no one can avoid…i think the best, is to leave no dna traces behind…i support cremation.

I believe burning the body is generally best, as it allows you to unattach more freely. I see it like dreaming: once you’re in a lucid dream the body is that bothersome thing that always draws you back, imagine being truly shifted away from here yet having a rotting memoir that demands your attention from time to time?

I plan on getting shot into the sun from a rocket.

It all comes down to one question: do you plan on being dug up and used by some necromancers?

I will love to buried the ways muslims do.its a very easy way to rotten,unlike putting you in a coffin and nailing the cover with a lot of heat.

I don`t plan to rot, so cremation it is.

Burial. I would like to be there and call the attention of spiritual workers in the cemetery.

Well, I don’t intend to die.

We’re extremely close to biological immortality, and things will progress from there. Humanity is likely to progress down two different paths of physical immortality: the transference of the consciousness into mechanical bodies and the perfection of genetics through manipulation and outright augmentation.

With that said, it’s still extremely possible that I’ll one day die. So, if that happens to be the case…I want to be buried with a hole punched in my chest. Within this hole, I want a ball of soil and the seed of an ebony tree planted. That’s if I don’t come up with something more elaborate down the road, of course.

Cremated, then everyone who attended the funeral must snort a line of me off a strippers chest.

Keepin’ it classy.


Cremated, then turned into a diamond.

"I don't know why, but if the diamond is blue, and the deceased also had blue eyes, I hear almost every time that the diamond had the same color as the eyes of the deceased," says Willy, who personally delivers the diamonds to his Swiss customers.

What if they are complete morons?

Cremated, for traditional reasons. But with a walk-in mound on family land for descendents whether genetic or spiritual to discover all sorts of neat things. The ashes deposited in the center of the mound with room for a tree to grow through the roof from them. Yew if I’ve had success with growing them beforehand; if not, oak.

My ultimate goal is full physical ascension, so there will be no body to dispose of. If, however, I do not succeed in this incarnation, then my meat suit will be launched into the sun. A secondary option is to be cremated on earth, and then the ashes scattered amongst the stars.