Do you need to hate a target to kill them?

say there is someone you want to kill, not because you have a burning hatred for them…but because they are in your way…and killing them would be the most advantageous move to remove them from your path…or you just want to kill them for your own entertainment. Will you still be able to kill the person? Was just thinking of EAs video on this where he talks about having to release all your fury and rage at the target in order to kill…but i feel like its not strictly necessary. I want to know what you all think about it though


Never attempted this since i never deemed it necessary. But with regards to hate,rage and fury these are not dependent on each other from my experience.
But the emotion is the energy that fuels the ritual/spell.

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If you hate your target, it is important to activate all your emotions and to send them away. If you keep your emotions, they will hurt yourself.
There are a many ways to harm your target even if you have no emotions at all.

Good luck!

No but it makes it a hell of a lot better for your magick to be more effective


It is all intent and energy. So if you say you must HATE someone to kill them then I have one question to ask you. (you is a general you and not intended towards anyone in particular) What about someone who does spells for people? Someone comes to you with a situation and they are asking you to remove this person from their life in this manner. Do you have to hate them to do the job? COULD you even hate someone with that much rage if it were dependent upon you hating them with a burning passion because of how they have wronged you? No. You only would have to call on the right entity and/or have enough intention and the ability to conjure those energies in you as you do the spell. Think of an actor portraying anger, rage, sadness, love. They pull on past events and memories of how those energies feel. So that is what I would do. And I have not had a problem with messing up people’s entire world. But yeah. It is not something I would just do for shits and giggles, which makes me wonder about you, and why you would even ask this question the way you did. Wording is everything my dude.


nah i have no plans to do anything for fun…but i was thinking about this today after watching EAs video again…but your thoughts on this is exactly what i was thinking as well

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Well that’s good! I mean to each his own! But you had me a bit worried for a sec. But as someone who WOULD do it for someone else or myself I can certainly not judge! hehehe!


I think an aspect of hatred is necessary to throw death at someone. Your will to snuff the life from them has to be greater then their subconcious will to live.I have a hard time with this, which is why I suck at baneful workings. I tend to over-analyze people from a point of psychological neutrality, so by the time I have worked the situation out in my head I am not as pissed. I can still recognize a need for the person to be dealt with out of pragmatism, but true hatred is tough.

I am getting better, though, and here is how I am improving over time; conditioned hatred combined with a serious degree of emotional control so I can compartmentalize it from my day to day interactions. Basically, I have learned to hate on command, kind of how @nikki describes above. It does not have to be personal. I have conditioned my mind so that if I perceive someone as a threat or obstacle I can, for a time, hate the person with every fiber of my being. It is a deliberate emotional deception to substitute for an actual rage caused by personal affront. If I can convince my mind it is personal, then for all functions in magick and effect it IS personal.

Keep in mind that this is not a healthy thing to get in the habit of doing often. If you do not exert control on your emotions this trick on yourself can negatively effect your interactions outside of ritual. I had trouble with this at first and treated a few people I care about like shit a couple times after doing this.

Also, I have never actually deliberately called for death, so I do not know if this technique would pass muster for that application. It does not work all the time, either. Like I said, I suck at baneful magick, more than anything else, so I am definitely missing something in my approach. I think there is something to be said for a personal connection of extreme hatred.


Can you see yourself beating someone to death with a baseball bat was one of the questions E.A. asked in his videos and if the answer is no then you won’t succeed using a ritual/spell when emotions are required to fuel it, this is true.

Here’s another question, can you see yourself setting someone on fire and watch them die in total agony and feel about as much as you would taking out the trash or flushing a toilet? Again if the answer is no then you won’t succeed. (I don’t know if that kind of magick has a name, i call it the Ahriman Current for lack of a better one.)

Hate is not the samething as rage, remember this.

And no matter what method is employed the most important thing is to end the ritual with no attachment to it, the victim or the outcome by using what E.A. most brilliantly labeled in another video as THE POWER OF FUCK IT!


That was the ugly stick talk with Rein Sharpe wasn’t it? I don’t think emotions come into it so much for things to work. They will work better/faster/more if you do have them or can bring them up. I have a feeling intent is more important. As someone who is a slow burner as far as anger goes, I really don’t get furious. I can be fairly cold and dispassionate when it comes to things.

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