Do you need to completely relax your muscles to soul travel?

When i learned about astral projection i was taught that your body needs to be completely relaxed or “asleep” for you to get out of it, that in the moment you’re getting out of it your muscles need to be completely relaxed. But recently i noticed that some methods do not require relaxing all your muscles, like in soul travel, Franz Bardon’s projection exercises with mirrors, Astral travelling from Konstantinos’ book “Summoning spirits”, projection with tattwas, etc…
Some of those methods are made in positions that it’s impossible to relax your body or let it “fall asleep”, or else you’d fall to the floor. My question is, can you soul travel in a position that you have to hold your body? also can someone do it while they’re standing?

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Nope, it is not needed to have your muscles relaxed to project. I know a method that actually requires you to take some positions that can be quite uncomfy for one who isn’t used to them.

I think it’s probably possible to project while standing, the world is vast :woman_shrugging: but it would have to be easy for you to the point you can do it almost at any time with little effort. Not many people would be able to manage that I don’t think.


I’ve only managed that a couple times.

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No you don’t need to do all that to project (I don’t call it soul travel because the soul isn’t going anywhere) but you more or so just need to start small and local in my opinion before trying to go off to far away places like other planes and worlds.


That’s good, because i have an ilness that makes it hard to relax my muscles so it would be hard to astral project with the methods i learned

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