Do you love the Truth?

Hey Eric!

I was watching one of your videos where you discussed the background with Mormonism and how you basically went deep into it and almost crossed a certain point of now return, then at that point you rejected it. Firstly, I’m glad you did because Mormonism is widely recognized as a false form of Christianity and teaches many false doctrines. In that sense I totally understand why you are mad at God, but I’d just have to point out that you are coming from the background of false teachings about God to start out with. At any rate, I relate to you and I understand you and I get your way of thinking actually. I used to ascribe to the philosophies and practices of Charles Cosimano for a period of time myself.

In another video you declared that the “Judeo-Christian” God is basically your enemy. Again, that perspective is based on a misunderstanding of who the Lord God Almighty actually is, because the Jews actually don’t worship the same God as Christians do (Jesus Christ that is). I just wanted to point out to you that God isn’t the enemy here and I think you just have gone so far down the wrong path, starting out from the false teachings of Mormonism to begin with and you never really got a fair picture of God.

I just realized you probably have several powerful demons living within you and therefore praying for you might not be enough. That’s okay though because I will fast as well for your sake. Why would a stranger bother to pray and fast for you? Simple, I think you were deceived by Mormonism, rightfully rejected it, but then got deceived by doctrines of devils instead. I pray you will come to a knowledge of the truth about Jesus Christ, and the lies of Mormonism will become exposed, plain and clear to you.

I don’t claim to be an expert on these subjects but my question to you is also a challenge. Will you watch one or both of the following videos?
One of them is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as presented by an Independet Fundamentalist Baptist. You may notice it’s very different from what Mormons teach. The second is hardcore Baptist preaching on the false religion of Mormonism.

My question is a provocative one. Do you love the Truth? Some people claim to be truth seekers, yet they are up to their eyeballs in deception and lies. The Bible claims to be the word of God, and the truth, yet even scripture can be twisted to paint God in the bad light and Satan as the hero. So Eric, do you love the Truth?

The Bible Way to Heaven
[url=]- YouTube

“Latter Day Satan” Baptist Preaching against Mormonism
[url=]- YouTube

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Preaching dogma and indoctrinations is against the forum rules, however, this section is treated like a kind of open mailbox (which I have neither the remit nor desire to censor!) and E.A. may wish to reply, nonetheless I’m posting this to state this kind of post isn’t accepted elsewhere on the forum, so, anyone reading this, bear that in mind please.

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well I was fully into the Christian way of things Methodist and Baptist but I started actually paying attention to what the Bible said rather than what they tell you it means and after reading the book of Enoch (which was in the bible until the middle 17 or 1800s) I realized I couldn’t serve a being that’s entire claim to power is controlling the masses

he lead to the destruction of countless religions and texts of those religions to make it where he is the strongest because of followers and he’s also the same one Muslims call Allah (translated means god) and pits the two religions against each other to try to force more prayers out of people not what I’d call a “loving god”

then we come to results I prayed to your God for years and it didn’t help one damn bit my mind was a mess my life completely sucked. then I go to what you are calling “demons” and work with Azazel and I’m no longer depressed , my mind is clear and whole, and my life in general is better and I feel better than ever

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also almost every war if the middle ages was because of your “God” including both crusades which I think is funny because one of the commandments is “thought shalt not kill” what it really means “don’t kill,unless they aren’t of your religion” then loom at the Catholic Church they havery more blood on their hangs through the years than any other organization in history! well except their “god” who killed pretty much everything on earth when he threw a temper tantrum over them not praying to him

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Okay hopefully a good balance of views, going to lock this because arguing over something that riases such string feelings won’t help, E.A. can reply if he wants because Super Admin Powers can do that. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to take up valuable youtube channel time/space to reply, but wanted to jump in and post my thoughts here.

It is assumed by those who exist within Religion that those who are outside of that religion must be following such a path out of ignorance, because if they only “knew” what you “know” they would be just as compelled as you are to follow.

The opposite is actually true, in regards to those who are occult scholars. We do not belong to any religion, but approach the whole subject of spirituality from a scientific or at least a methodological vantage. We do not “believe” anything, but we seek evidence for all things that we hold to be true. This also allows for the alteration of our understandings as new evidence presents itself, thus fueling the evolution of our selves as we seek to better understand ourselves and this reality in which our selves are immersed.

Indeed, I have consciously invoked several ancient gods into my body - most of them having been worshiped long before your god was amalgamated from their attributes. Does this protect me from the interfering powers of your prayers? Quite possibly. Or, perhaps, I have trained my ability to block incoming astral interference much better than you have trained your ability to use these methods to interfere. You see, although you will heartily deny it, you are using the exact same methods of astral effect that I am using and that I teach others to use… the only difference is that your “magick” is couched in enough dogma to make you believe in its inherent “goodness.” If god is perfect, then as god’s servant you would not pray for anything other than to better understand his perfection and the perfection of his creations, rather than imposing your imperfect will upon creation.

I watched the videos that you posted, and they are neither informative nor entertaining. If you can entertain while at the same time educating, your ability to effect others will be magnified exponentially. You are definitely confused about me and what I’m about. Although I was raised primarily in the LDS church, I have studied and actively involved myself in various forms of Protestantism including the Baptists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, etc. These are all simple variations on the same core fallacy.

I have taken your challenge and your challenge itself has failed. Now, I will counter with a challenge of my own. In order to know anything, you cannot simply read or view the material and then regurgitate responses. Instead, you must experience it for yourself. I would challenge you to discover the truth for yourself with a simple exercise.

Sit yourself in a room that is completely dark, having shut out all artificial and natural light, other than a single, tapered black candle. Gaze into the candle’s flame and call out for the Lord of Darkness and for all of the spirits of darkness to gather around you. Repeat your call to them over and over, your eyes gazing into the flames. When the air thickens with the presence of power and you feel yourself swooning into the Rapture State, blow out the candle and sit in the darkness, eyes open and looking out into the darkness. There you will see shadows within shadows, faces and shapes moving like bodies made of mist dancing a slow dance with your soul. Breathe in and as your body pulls air into it, the formless shapes and shapeless spirits will enter you as well. Dwell in silence and darkness with Them, discern how you feel, let them speak to you through your hearing or through your thoughts.

Once you have completed this exercise, you may then (and only then) call upon your god for salvation from this wickedness.

In completing this exercise, you will find that you have been thoroughly entertained and educated, and you will know yourself in a measure and a degree formerly inaccessible to you.