Do you live next to a cemetery?

I lived next to a cemetery several years ago, it was at 10 meters from my home, and one day i walked to see what it truly was:
it was a old creole cemetery, plenty of candles and offerings, and it was supplied with it every week!
i discovered black magick or Santeria and all kinds of spells where doing at night at this place!
I girl that was a college mate have tell me, that her parents wanted a authorization for the renovation/construction of her new house, we could see the cemetery from her windows, and it never happened, sometimes the system bugged at the documents administration, sometimes they would just say no, but they couldn’t tell her family why!

Myself, i never lived in a place with so much strange atmosphere,feeling like people behind my back when no one was there, covering myself toe to head to sleep, because of a unknown feeling of danger coming from nowhere…

Some months later, another cemetery was created right in front of my place, next to my house at what, 20 meters, to visit it, just cross the street was enough!
it was beside a Pentecostal church.

the day it was opened, immediately more or less 20 bodies where buried the same day,
and i had lots of nightmares, our home was steal 3 times in a short amount of time, and i was always scared to sleep, i would avoid to sleep at all costs every single day!
(i was not aware at this time that just sending “love & light” doesn’t always works the dead, haha!)

Then i moved to Europe, and have found myself next to a cemetery again, i did not stay long at this place…

And , while i was looking for a new apartment 3 years ago, i got a meeting with the land lady, and what i found just the other side of the street? a cemetery again!
I said right way i was not taking the apartment, and apologized, hehe!

Anyway, cemeteries where more or less part of my life for pretty long, i took it as a message of the (unknown) dead trying to work with me, but for the moment, i am not taking it!^^


I lived next to a Cemetery and well it looked like the woods since a large part of it was abandoned. I had video cameras and when I had to review footage it would creep me out how many would jump the fence and visit. I saw the grim reaper in black and then in all white - the time I saw the all white one my youngest saw it has well. The night I saw the black one I told the boys absolutely no going in their yard unless I am with you.

I had a ghost of a Miner in the house we rented, some Lady stopped by and said oh I lived here and a I was not convinced to let her in but she said is he still here, I was like come on in. The miner tormented her son, but only bothered my boys a few times before I told him straight up - Knock the shit off or I will get rid of you. He was sweet after that… He would wear cologne sometimes - smell of cigarettes. When we were moving he threw stuff at me and I simply said you know me and the boys were going to invite you to move with us since there are some mines still open in the area. I cant tell if its him in the woods out back or who. I do leave the spirits here food.

I think the dead are better neighbors - Plus they can help with favors of all kinds.


Wow Damia2hell, such a experience!
me too, i think the dead can be good neighbors , if we know how to deal with them!
Right now that is not really my case, so with all my respects, i stay way,
But Duchess Bune i helping me with that, all good!

I remember walking back there and the divets were oddly spaced and when I realized they were plots- I was so upset that these people were being ignored. No markers nothing I ended up adopting a few members - really I go visit them and give them treats drop off pretty rocks. One plot is a couple they did not have kids and I bring candies for him and chocolate for her. I trim the Uva Ursa from the top to use later…

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Nice- I found a double hung Murderer that was alluding me for a month - I had all the gifts and I knew his history I was walking with the pendulum and saw a headstone that made me laugh I said out loud I bet you hanging right above him… yup he was… It was odd there was a piece of rope a plot away… I almost grabbed it to use in a working. I have not needed to go to the cemetery but I will stop by and give them the gifts… I was thinking on planting some bulbs for the couple and getting Ed a watch.


This is so thoughtful of you, sure they must be helping you by now,
like they say, a dead spirit never forgets!


I am going to say yes they are - and the couple I adopted - I have some of their dirt at my ancestor alter and when I light the candle to the ancestors its on top of their dirt. I found her when I was going to take a short cut and end my life- I was in the cemetery and I mentally screamed give me a sign I will not do this. I looked over and there she was. I don’t want to forget their place in my history.


Wow Damia, this is so glorious, i feel glad you could stay here and you are working hard for what you truly wants, and also that this lady was there to help you to see all your potential,and stay alive as a human being!
I don’t know my own ancestors, or my dead “muertos” like they say in Santeria, but i always put a candle and offerings for the dead, we never know!

I wanted also to take the “short cut” and i think my ancestors where the ones who helped me!
Even with my bad experiences, i have a fascination about cemeteries, and sooner or later i will discover why!^^


Used to live next to a cemetery inside a forest till I was 19. Fun times


Huahaha, spooky times, lol!^^

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I live close to a cemetary but not as close as you 300 meters from my house on the other side of the forrest. Nothing strange happened in the area until i started practicing.


I have always seen the dead and the bizzare.


You don’t always need a cemetary to get those sensations, sometimes you just need a house that has been in the family for multiple generations. I grew up in such a house and I’m happily updating that same house to code now to live in it as an adult. It was only three generations and only one wake was ever held there as far as I know (my Great Grandma Nellie in 1966), but I would get the sensation of being watched always. I heard laughter under my bed, saw things in the night and occasionally during the day. I was even physically touched a few times. Showering was the worst. I couldn’t put my head under the stream with my eyes closed without feeling like someone was behind me. My Mom used to be really superstitious about doors that opened by themselves there too. She would say “No, you can’t come in” for safety’s sake.

I’m not entirely sure it even was the Dead though, and not just the accumulated negative emotions of my immediate family for 60 +/- years or a parasite. I’m hoping we can alleviate some of it by having removed everything but the studs to replace, and having left the house empty (no energy food) for 7 years when my parents moved out.

There are some cemetaries on the road, but they are quite a way in either direction. There’s also a crossroad only 2 properties over. One of those 2 properties runs a haunted house attraction in the Halloween season (called The Fear Farm) but that’s only been there for 5 years or less.


Very true. The house we rented the owner did a remodel and told me that their was a nursery set up under neath the house- I was like who the F#$% puts their children in the crawlspace of a house that is next to a cemetery.

We found a female child’s jacket in our chimney/fireplace when we cleared it (it was bricked up). It has to belong to one of my aunt’s, but how it got in there, I don’t know.

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oh peculiar.

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