Do you feel like you need to "choose" between "light" and "dark"?

Have you gotten to a point on your journey where you feel like you need to make this choice? By light I mean things like being vulnerable with people, unconditional love, acceptance etc. By dark I mean doing whatever the f you want, curse people, control and power.

On my perspective .

It depends.

What ARE your true desires WHAT is CURRENTLY your CORE and BEING.

Are you satisfied are you happy with what you are right now?Do you know yourself?

If so.

Than you must look no further than you know where your being is most polarised too without a thought of guilt than pursue it further.

If you see certain desirable cretirias in perhabs in your Worldview the dark side you want achieve it than yes you must do councesly decisions and workings in that specific direction.
And vise versa.

The end goal should be that you understand and intergrate both sides Dark and Light as a means of use of your will as a magician as a living God.
Without a Dogmatik view of them or predesrcibed superimposed views.

You must experience it personally and know it trough your own practices and workings.


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I think life is all about ascending duality, its about doing all those things but in there correct place. Loving someone unconditionally if its reciprocated and if someone hurts that person you curse and destroy them. I always respect people, its only when people try and hurt me in return to my respect and kindness il do what i want to them, as they have shown they are my enemy and are unable to treat people properly. You save your love and acceptance for those deserving of it, then destroy those that are against your love and respect, and the people you love or care for. Its not a choice its a balance, yin yang. I found choosing one side puts you out of balance and sends you to bad places, well ive only ever been too nice and it lead to me losing absolutely everything and a complete mental breakdown but i have seen the same happen to those on the other side.


No because I walk in the grey, making each decision as it comes, meeting my own morals, not the worlds. Seems a lot of people on this path feel the need to choose.

Idk why. I answer to me not to anyone else on whether or not my workings are good or bad, Lhp or Rhp.

Seems to me that, you can be an amazing healer, who innately doesn’t want to obliviate everything, while still being badass enough to call a target when you need or feel like it.

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I feel like the way LHP and RHP use the terms light and dark pretty disgustingly. “everyone has light and dark in them” just sounds like some shit regurgitated from a marvel or DC comic. Only forms of light and dark I believe in are the elemental energies which no not everyone has in them.

I work with both light and darkness. Things are never clear cut in my experience, you can heal with darkness and harm with light… so the possibilities are limitless when working with both.