Do You Even Believe Your Own Truths?

Do You Feel A Need To Aggressively Defend Your Opinions?… Is It Hard To Debate Your “Truths” Without Responding Emotionally? I Challenge If You Actual Believe Them Yourself!!!…

One of the things that always make me laugh while shaking my head is the amount of people, especially magickal practitioners that feel the need to unfriend people on facebook and be vocal about the “culling” in some attempt to make themselves look like a moral compass pointing north. I have found that so many in these communities feel the need to aggressively defend their beliefs or as the majority refer to them, “truths”. It is not uncommon to find the person who emotionally response to different opinions and perspectives, nor is it that uncommon to find someone get so defensive when they are asked to even consider a potential piece of information that could deepen their own understanding of their beliefs. This is because these people fear being wrong more than they care for actual ascent, progression and truth in their path. You can give them great logic and philosophy to benefit their pathworking and they will aggressively defend a dead, stagnant and illogical principle (even if you provide actual evidence) because of this fear.

The reason for this, is that these people somewhere inside already know they are wrong. My argument is that not even they buy into their own dogma. They are so aggressive and defensive that any challenge to their “truths” are a threat… but my question is simply. If something is as they say “True” then why would any challenge be of a threat? Because surely if it were threatened by new information then it would in fact not be true? Now you see where I am going with this.

He Who Is Certain Need Not Fear Challenge… He Who is Certain Need Not Even Think Twice… Truth Needs No Defence As It Is Absolute!!!

It is fairly easy to tell who in the occult grasps the point of ascent, evolution and progress and those who don’t. The ones who understand like to be challenged, they like opposing viewpoints, different opinions and perspectives. This is because we do not learn from those who are the same as us, and information is then judged on its merit, rather than our initial emotional response to it. To many in this day in age (including occultists) judge information on how they feel about it rather than whether or not it has merit, truth, or even just an actual point. It would also be fair to say our feelings get in the way of actual truth in many of these cases.

I talk a lot about chaos and how it is essential for growth. But I also talk heavily on letting your content, information, truth and principles be tried and tested. If it is true ascension, progress, evolution and truth that you seek, you will need to test it. This means having people challenge it. Be that a political ideal, a spiritual truth or just logic in general. We need to be challenged in order to grow.

Keep Those Who Are Known To Disagree With You Close… Those Who Love You Will Always Back You… Those Who Don’t Will Always Test You And Mold You!!!

To surround yourself with only people with the same view, agreements, ideas, beliefs etc is not a good idea for those who want to push beyond their current state. For most who are like you will always back you up, will defend your arguments and validate even the things you may be wrong on. For they see no other alternative, they are ignorant of what may be wrong with the “shared view”. Yet those who make us feel mad when they challenge our points and those who make us rush to defend our arguments are truly our greatest teachers. They will test the merit of your information to see if it still stands. This is how we fool proof our own work… as well as allow it to evolve.

The last principle of this is to be able to embrace these people we feel the need to defend our “truths” against. For their perspective may hold answers to your own progress. Their angle may have insight you wouldn’t have found otherwise. If they are not like your circle of agreeing friends then they will have more potential to teach you new things. Do not learn from those who are like you, learn from those who are so opposite to you that you always embrace new perspective, information and merit. Learn to love them… instead of unfriending them when they hurt your feelings by providing new information to consider. So here is my question… will you unfriend the challenger… or will you stand true to your “truth”?…