Do you dress your candles all the time?

Hello everyone, i work with candles and oils so much but sometimes its hard to keep essentials oils because it cost more than you imagine if you use them in daily routuine so i was wondering if you dress your candles all the time when you do evocation or just your energy and visualision is enough?

Thanks :pray:t2:


I don’t even use candles for evocations or I mean sometimes I can do it but most times I don’t.
it’s all about preference really

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… writing on them, using energised oils and so on. Sometimes body fluids are needed for bigger rituals.


Candles in evocation generally serve as illumination only, so there is no need to dress them.


Thank you, what about when you offer that candles to demons?

You don’t Have to dress candles, but you shouldn’t need to dress any candle more than once.

Dressing candles are an especially important part of my own cultural practice as it solidifies that specific candle to the attuned desire and/or connection to the entity. I only dress my candles once and that’s what they will be for from them on, and use the remaining oil i made for burning or to dress new candles when Ive burned the old ones up. It helps some things manifest quicker, and for some entities it’s a personalized honor.

I use oil I made and blessed with the attunements and associations of the planets to address planetary spirits, I have special mixtures for Malphas, Astarte, and other demons, for example, due to working with them often. Usually I have just one specially dressed candle in honor of that entity and multiple undressed candles for the energy. Some do have multiple dressed candles, as personal choice to showcase the strength of the relationship.

Dress your candles if you want to, but no need to redress them, neither with the same mixture nor especially not with a different one.


Thank yo

I don’t make offerings in my practice.

However, I have two white candles that I have set aside specifically for King Paimon. They’re not dressed though, as I feel that the intention to reach out to him every time I light them is more than enough, and he is the only spirit honoured in this way so it makes the candles special.


I got the point, your thoughts are important to me somehow thank you, I work with amducias so I have some offerings for him but I prefer offering good music :blush:

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Honestly, if I’m doing a candle working, I will likely dress it with something appropriate, such as blood, myhrr oil, etc… It’s expected to burn down for a specific thing. Candles that burn over time, like those done for prayers to Santa Muerte as an offering, I also dress.

The rest typically don’t and are only there for ritualistic effect (but not empowered with a specific working to that specific candle). So, candles marking the four directions of a ritual space wouldn’t be dressed if the system didn’t call for it.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

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May I ask what you mean by “dressing” the candle? Is that another way of saying you anoint them with oils?

Yes. Dressing is the same as anointing.


Only with bodily fluids if I’m doing love work.

Otherwise, my candles stay naked.

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I’ve been considering it. Problem is that I don’t have the sources to indicate what each oil is associated with. I did find this one site, but I’m not 100% sure of the accuracy on its information.

i use a cast-iron chiminea outside during the summer, and a fireplace in the house during the winter, i tend to carve sticks with sigils or mantras using futhark and ogam and burn them. i know a fair amount about trees, they are a great ally of mine but not very much about herbs, started reading and growing them not to long ago.

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