Do you believe in Karma? Is God really a douchebag?

You couldn’t say it better. Absolutely agree. I don’t think black magic is punished with prison in USA is it? Karma=afraid then you won’t revenge waiting for “karma” to revenge you…you can wait for fuckin ever. Just sayin from my experience…oh and god together with Jesus are douch bags…Jesus Christ fucked up my life…real bad!

Here’s an example of “karma”; you join a college course but lack the motivation to study before the exams so your grades subsequently or consequently are low.

I must admit, there were times were I thought I was viewing the metaphysical Law of Karma in action. It’s still there on my…conscience? Like the time I shouted"fuck you!" to some driver who cut into my lane and 5 minutes later some other driver did the same to me when I’d done nothing wrong. Help, lol, how do I exorcise this belief?

What? Most of the American upper middle class wealthy are Christian.

So how do we purge ourselves from this belief in karma? Could we do some sort of banishing ritual?

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Christianity seems more like an engineered religion who’s purpose​ is to make people doormats and willing to tolerate slavery in the hopes of a nice afterlife that nobody gets to make it into anyway. Just doesn’t make sense.


It is just yourself you get rid of it. Work on your mind and eliminate that belief. You can do self hypnosis too to get rid of it.


No, it does make sense if you are a slave in Ancient Rome or Greece. There was no concept of “good and evil” to these pagan Aristocracies. It was a construct of Socrates and it’s extension ie the slave’s religion known as xtianity. In other words i’m summarizing Nietzsche.

It’s pretty exhilarating to grasp that evil doesn’t exist, never did and never shall. It’s a human construct only. Is a tsunami “evil”? Fuck no, is an earthquake “evil” or a super- asteroid that slams against planets? These 3 examples cause genocide but they are merely Nature doing it’s thing like a fox that breaks a cat’s neck for fun or sport.


I thought they had no concept of “absolute good and evil” but rather they accepted the idea good and evil existed in all things?

Is there any divine punishment? Karma payback for what we do? No. but still evil does exist because humans “created it” out of necessity, evil must exist, otherwise none of us would be here.
And The fox can get away with breaking a cat’s neck for fun or sport because the other foxes won’t condemn or kill him for doing it.


i think it depends on if you beleive it. if you are too conscious of your actions it could bite you in the ass, but no i dont think karma has to be real unless your bound subconsciously to its restrictions to common moral value (if that makes any sense)… yes god is a douchebag, religious interpretation of duality is bs

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Apparently karma doesnt exist. …you have to make it. So im gonna start dishing it out myself.


Me too.


Holy shit these creations predicted this age of the LHP;

I was gonna post seek and destroy…on another thread.


Karma doesn’t exist,it just BS created by Religious People.You need to be manipulative and greedy to earn money.That is why religious people earn less money than manipulative people.