Do you believe in Karma? Is God really a douchebag?

Okay! I’m half Buddhist(mom) and Half Hindu(dad). Both of these religion talks about “Karma”. The consequences of back-firing our wrong-doings has been deeply engrossed upon my subconscious mind that doing something bad such as hurting other living things such as kicking cats, killing/hunting birds/animals are just out of my league, not to mention hurting fellow humans too. But I see many people doing all those sorts of things and yet they come out with a clean chit and also flourish in their life. Everything works their way.
I see many people who are very clean at heart,compassionate, helps others,shares what they have(no matter how little it may be), who are true to themselves and who fears Gods, Goddesses are always struggling economically as well as in personal spheres. Nothing works their way. Nothing at all.
–>I tried meditating on this matter and got nothing. I asked some of my deities whom I feel close and connected to and who always helps me. They too, just smiles at me and says nothing!!!
This is really just frustrating!!!
People say that they are suffering the consequences of their previous birth but to me that’s just bullshit. Whatever wrong they did, they must face the consequence in this life only. Only then will they be able to realize that its true!!!
What are your opinion on this matter?


I believe in karma like i believe in AIDS, diseases that are best to avoid at all cost.


For me Karma is simply the laws au Cause and Effects, no Morality Involved in it.
When you do somethings this create and Effects, That Simple.


This Brings me to the theory of how our thoughts play an effect on what we manifest

If we simply do not believe in karma rather than doing something wrong and focussing on “whats going to happen to me?” does it effect us? Plenty of people dp wrong and dont see it and it never effects them


If people are truly acting with free will, they have no desire to hurt anyone. It’s only when we become trapped in a limited narrative that we think we have no other options.

Karma doesn’t punish you for your actions. It’s the limiting narrative that makes you suffer.


If karma did exist that crossed lifespans, that wouldn’t necessarily make “God” (if such a singular entity existed) a “douche” - if you create something, you can set the rules by which the actions of beings within it can affect them.

However I think that there is at most such a thing as action-reaction which lacks the moralistic element of most teachings about karma, and these reactions can be offset, avoided, or whatever, and that almost all discussions about karma rely on the idea that “bad people” will get badness done back to them, which is you think about it, is absurd, since it requires a willing new perpetrator to enact evil on them, or if left to nature, justifies ill-treatment of the poor, the disabled, the sick, and anyone in a less socially powerful position.

I think life is more of a balance of “give” (which includes flourishing and experiencing life), and “get,” which is why the very wealthy are extremely careful to be philanthropic, often to what look like extremes. This makes more sense to me, given my current working definition of evil. JMO! :slight_smile:


Karma is the potential to attract energy back to yourself thats put out, the purpose behind the cremation of care ceremony is actually to burn away the bad karma energy the politicians and whoever else attend the ceremony put out. In the mainstream occult Azazel can be asked to execute a similar function to the bohemian grove entity as he was known as the scapegoat for peoples sins in his mythology in other words like the owl entity people used him to burn away that energy. Another entity , the Mahakala can also be used to eat it.

It’s kinda funny how people treat the idea of Karma in the mainstream, sometimes I attend a ufo meetup and someone there brought up bohemian grove, I explained what that ceremony actually means and what it does. One of the guys there almost seemed to get offended at the idea that karma can be cercumvented. To me thats like someone getting offended at the idea of building a lightning rod and sticking it on top of your house.

I believe that good people can suffer because of the bad things they’ve done in previous lives. I know it doesn’t make much sense since you have forgotten everything you’ve done in your past lives but I think this is the way it works… I have read many books about karma recently and I have to admit that as wrong as it may seem this is the only logical explanation as to why bad things would happen to good people.

I used to believe that karma exists but no more. It seems that everyone who has gone out of their way to intentionally harm me and hold me back has ended up living very fruitful lives.


I personally don’t believe in karma or at least I don’t agree with its currently theory. I feel like, everything is based on energy and it depends on us.
I would define it as something good or bad we manifest for ourselves (in this case random, and not on purpose). If it has its purpose for manifestation then it’s a spell (or similar). Basically, if you feel that something bad is going to happen to you, it will most likely manifest itself in your life since you literally do a spell on yourself in some way and as we know, casting our own spell is sending our intention and energy in astral world, in universe where it will take its place there and “wait” for its turn.

Again, I have to say that I am sure that there is no correct or incorrect explanation since I think that most things are different for each individual, and his beliefs.

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Karma does not exist. It is a tool to manipulate people’s minds and control them so they are afraid to do something bad/powerful or however you name it. That is what I think. I do believe that if you are set on a low frequency so to speak you attract low frequency things…but is impossible to be set only on high frequency all the time, at least I can’t so it is like up and down then up and down, they I pull myself up again and so on, a constant battle…

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Karma does exist. But not in the way people think. It is the Astral/etherial matrix that most people are connected to. So working with karmq is essentially doing energy work in relation to it.

I personally do believe that Karma does exist and is some kind of phenomenon like gravity. The way I understand it is not the way most people see it or are taught; as a matter of fact I do think that in the future it will be discovered and measured as our technology advances.

The definition of Karma can take on many meanings like cause and effect or even put simply as Action. Based on the culture, context, or whatever you consider good or bad karma is simply up for you to decide because the way I understand it is that there is also a kind of neutral karma that exists alongside the theory too. An example of neutral karmic ‘action’ would be the beating of your heart or even breathing with your lungs.

Now as I mentioned before that Karma resembles gravity as some kind of phenomenon or law that governs not this universe but maybe some other unseen parallel universe. And just like gravity being neither good nor bad exists for a reason. I don’t believe as others do in regard to the karmic phenomenon being placed there as some kind judgmental thing that is overlooked and ruled by some god or deity because I believe that many of the gods, goddesses, or whatever other intelligence that exists in these other realms are also governed to an extent by this karmic law. I say to an extent because I do believe there is a way to break the Karmic law or karmic ‘action’ matrix link of cause and effect.

So uh… Yeah. :ghost:

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There is what I like to call righteous anger :grinning:

Sometimes you have to fight back :smiling_imp:


I don’t believe in karma per say, I think one has to actively seek out justice


since it requires a willing new perpetrator to enact evil on them, or if left to nature, justifies ill-treatment of the poor, the disabled, the sick, and anyone in a less socially powerful position.

But it is possible to expiate bad karma through good deeds, mantra recitation and remedies such as poojas, offerings to Hindu Gods which include fire rituals, and appeasement of planets. This website is all about it : . This website sells yantras that are essentially magickal talismans.

I once read the tale of a little girl that had a Mars affliction (because of the time she was born and past life causes). That affliction was so bad, her parents were told she’d never enter marriage. Deeply pained by that news, they diligently performed all the remedies on her behalf, and she entered marriage w/ no problem.

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This is the LHP where we don’t “believe” in divine judgement or divine spiritual entities. Do what you fuckin want you’re not gonna burn in hell or get punished. Now you may get busted for your actions and put in a lovely prison.


Ah! The age old question as to why do bad things happen to good people?
Ok, here is the deal bad things happen to everyone and more so to people who put themselves in bad situations, such as criminals who live a criminal lifestyle either end up in prison or dead.
Likewise a man who shows up to work on time does good for his community will probably live a long and fruitful life.
However it rains on both the just and unjust so there is the thing about being at the mercy of randomality.
But, when we see something bad or misfortune happen to someone good it sticks in the memory more then if the same man had a great day.
Likewise when we see corrupt people doing well we remember that, and it doesn’t matter that he ended up in prison on death row years later. We just remembered the injustice of that moment.

So you see there is cause and effect and randomality and the universe is not out of balance only your perceptions of it are.

Now you go tell your gods and gurus that I’m wagging my finger and shaking my fist at them for not giving you a streight answer, to what should be a simple question for a god.


Well i do have to say the Catholics and Christians who follow God end up with a bipolar nut job, and it doesn’t end well for them by ending up living in poverty a life of slavery

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