Do you avoid Poltergeist phenomena?

Some occultist only do their invocation in the forest or the beach
You do the same ?
And I wonder if just making a contact by simply chant the enn of an entity and gaze at the sigil would open a portal

I usually prefer to invoke at home.but it depends what I’m doing.

If my design wants energy from that specific location it’s easier to be there. If I wanted to talk to the spirit of a waterfall, then it helps to go to the waterfall :slight_smile:

No. Opening a portal opens a portal. If you call someone on the phone do you expect them to walk through the door? Or answer the phone?

You don’t need both an enn and a sigil. That’s like calling and texting at the same time, it’s overkill.

Personally, I avoid enns, I dislike the control structures and energy inherent in all religion and enns come from the religion of Demonolatry, which is fairly obsequious and I find that quite obnoxious, so I never use them on personal principle.

Sigils, I use all the time and they work great. The whole point is to focus your mind, try it with either ad both and neither and see what works for you, there’s no rules, really.

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Ok so the only difference with an invocation is the fact that we add candles, incense and offerings ?

?? Well, it has nothing to do with what I call, the theatrical props.

You use those because you enjoy them, and when you enjoy it your magick works better, because you’re more relaxed and in flow. Theres no magick in those by themselves. You can enchant them aka consecrate them to make them magick and save you some effort or help you build a more complex energy but they’re not necessary. It’s your design, though, you do what you want.

Put very simply here:

“Invoking”, the way I use it magickally, is the art of inviting the energy of whatever it is, an entity or situation or place into your energetic being, so that you can feel how it feels and know what it knows.
This is tantamount to inviting a mild possession, which can be relevant if you’re invoking an entity with a strong personality. (Note, some people particularly pagans use these terms slightly differently.)

However, talking to an entity via a sigil is neither evoking or invoking. You don’t need the spirit to be present or inside you… it really is best described as more like a phone call.

You stay separated and speak via telepathic communication instead of emf technology.


Alright I get it, thanks :love_you_gesture:

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