Do we continue to have bodies when we die?

When we astral project, we experience it as if we have a matching body in the astral plane. My question is, when we die, do we retain that self-image of a body with which to navigate the infernal world? If so, do we get to choose what that looks like?

Your energy body matches the plane you’re on. The astral is a collective unconscious/plane of thought/imagination your body in projection pretty much has no density to it when there, when you project to what we consider the spiritual plane our energy bodies match that plane and become solid to that plane, so we experience what the entities we communicate with experience and interact with, they bleed, work, sleep (even if for the enjoyment of it) as well as eat.

So in my opinion when we die, yes we will have a body, because your soul’s energy body becomes your “physical” body in the spiritual/etheric or wherever else you go that the energy body matches the density it’s on.

The infernal isn’t a world but rather a nation so it will match the etheric/spiritual plane it’s in.

However, no you dont really choose what you look like you will most likely look like what your soul looks like which when you project you can observe what your soul’s true self looks like or when you soul dive yourself or others.

However there are certain people and souls that learn/know shapeshifting or polymorphing to alter their appearances in projection.


They seem young like in their twenties but actually spirits Show themselves in desired form of the witch. Anyways an energy body remains after death