Do unrelated things manifest for you?

Have you had other, unrelated things manifest for you as well? No matter what type of magick you have performed.

In the past few weeks, I have been invoking specific demons as part of the layered love spell tutorial on this forum.

This entire time I have also been finding or receiving money at random. I connected with Sitri on Monday and yesterday he sent me an old lover to reconnnect with. I found a penny, heads up, on the floor yesterday after he went home.

I have “found” money I forgot I had in random pockets. I found a $5 on my closet floor. My mom recently decided to gift me a sizable amount of money without us discussing it beforehand. And I just found out that I am getting a small pay increase.

I have never specifically manifested or requested money. However, I am very thankful and glad to receive this sudden abundance that has been gifted to me.


Have you been banishing along with this layered work or using spiritual hygiene of some sort that is perhaps new?

I always think it seems like everything ticks up a notch once people start banishing and cleansing. I think it knocks off the bad luck and negative energies that cause things to go wrong naturally when there isn’t intention for it to.

This may not always be the case, but it seems like once people stop carrying around extra negative energies (like you might even pick it up from work, or someone else’s bad mood) you have more room in your aura and energy body for the good to expand and make its way into your life.

Either way, good job. Heads up Pennie’s could perhaps be a positive sign, like a thumbs up- but the rest sounds like better luck than usual. :thinking:


I haven’t done anything different. I am doing a daily guided meditation that I started around the same time. I suppose this has opened me up, and it has released a lot of negative energy.

It is definitely a very good change of luck and it’s greatly appreciated.

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What meditation are you using?

I use an app called Insight Timer. The meditation is called Third Eye Awakening by StressFit and it lasts 35 minutes.

This might belong in reply to your post…could be a very slightly unrelated manifestation to recent work, Idk. Or just my wishful thinking. Or giant ego.

Just a little heads up: The same meditation was used by another forum member to achieve better communication with spirits. As a result, he (or she) began to hear spirits all the time, which could not be stopped and led to a psychosis-like state.

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Wow, that is very interesting. I will definitely have to keep that in mind and watch for that in the future.

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There’s also the possibility of “provisioning.” The main difference being manifesting is you doing it yourself (intentionally or not). Provisioning is done by someone else.

When it comes to provisions, for me it has nearly always been for something that was about to happen I wasn’t aware of. They’ve been really specific too. Last time it happened, I had found a multitool. Didn’t realize it at the time, but I had lost a Leatherman multitool I had had for years and meant a lot to me.

Regardless of which it is, be thankful.

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Random things do happen to me sometimes but for the most part. I try to not do rituals anymore because I personally don’t feel the need for them

But yes things do manifest for myself and I do see synchronicities in the things I want or the direction of my life and it coinciding in a good way.

I’m mostly trying to be open minded to the possibilities of what some refer to as “abundance”

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It is funny you said this. Today, as I was walking to the elevator, a neighbor stopped me and asked me if I had been told about a rent increase. My lease isnt up until the end of the year. Hers is up this month and they’re increasing hers by almost $300.

Perhaps this was provisioning so that I can handle that increase more comfortably.

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