Enhancing pro athletes during games

Has anyone ever had the perceived experience of unconsciously and/or intentionally sending energy to a pro athlete and then watching them do better immediately? I’m just kicking around the concept. Not sure I believe it could ever possibly have anything to do with me. I’ve watched a pattern developing this season, not with a team, but a couple ball players I admire and have watched for a long time. Like a little gift from the (baseball??) gods because they know it gives me great pleasure. (I KNEW THEIR WERE BASEBAL GODS!!!) Still, there’s too much energy around those guys, who, ohbytheway, are ridiculously talented and skilled at their job, to entertain the idea that I have anything at all to do with their sudden better performance.

I mean that would be preposterous. Right?

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Nope. It’s pretty common actually, and is done a lot by fans and haters alike :grin:

When people use intention and try to manifest a win for their favourite team, this is basically what they are doing. When they wish for the opposing team to strike out, they are projecting their energetic intent in an effort to influence the gameplay. Generally, the amount of positive and negative energy balance each other out but it is very much possible to help your team win, especially if the player in question isn’t burdened by a lot of criticism for his performance.


That’s incredible. It has been the weirdest thing to watch.

It’s really really cool to know that just this energy is enough to cause effects like that.

I wonder exactly what that energy does to effect their success in the sports like that.
Surely it’s not physically enhancing their bodies to be capable of playing better.