Do the original Ark of Covenant Exist in Africa

Do the original Ark of Covenant Exist in Africa? A myth or a theory explains that the original ark of covenant exist beneath a church in Africa. is this true?
What may be the contents of it? how it works? does it has any importance? Why its hidden? Do people keep god under custody? that why he don’t answer?

Since when does the Christian god not answer?


If he answers for every request then there might no request at all by now? Just a hypothetical one only? main concern is does the original Ark exist and what it can do?

Yes, the Ark of the Covenant exists, and no, it is not under a church in Africa.


Even in magick, we don’t always get what we ask for, whether we ask spirits or use plants etc. It takes power to cause change in the world. The Christian god is not all powerful, in my opinion, he is as powerful at creating change as any Pagan god depending on what you call him for.


Do somebody use that? How it works? Is it the most powerful weapon in the world? Just out of curiosity.

No, it’s not a weapon.

It is said to contain the original stone tablets with the ten commandments written on them that Moses received from God on Mount Sinai. Later, the Rod of Aaron, and a jar of manna were added to it.

By gazing between the two cherubim figureheads that adorned the top, it was believed that one could talk directly with God.


Yes the “mercy seat”.


I have heard that the Ark of Covenant that contains a very great force of spirits which are from Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Sky. Those spirits will destroy who ever summons them that is the reason for aaron was wearing head, hand, chest, waist, back safety.

You heard wrong. It contains no spirits, only the power of God.

Remember, the Israelites were forbidden to traffic with spirits, and sorcery, so why would the Ark, the design for which was given to Moses by God himself, contain spirits?


Somewhere I read that The Ark of Covenant is in Vatican .

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It was rumoured that the ark of Covenent was brought o Ethiopia by kind Solomon sons