Do The Demons Always Show Up?

Do the demons always show up when you call them? If a person is new and can’t see or feel them then how do you know that the demons showed up?

Yes, they will always show up when they are called.

Even if you cannot see or hear them, assume they are there and welcome them to your temple, and tell them why you called. Assign the task, and release them. Act as if they are there, and you build trust in both yourself and the spirits.

i never see spirits and I don’t always hear them, but my magick works because I have learned to trust that they are there when I call.


the general rule (this is more or less UPG) is that once the sigil starts to flash, the spirit is there, the rest of the calling evocation is to get your mind in better sync with the ritual. even then the spirit may not appear due to a number of reasons, such as psychic development, or simply cause they don’t want to be seen. You have to build up a bit of a rapport with a spirit before you can get constant manifestations from them :slight_smile:


The more you work with the same demon the stronger the connection and the more likely you are to hear/feel them. I definitely communicate better with them once the sigil is highly charged and I’ve called them a few times.