Do spirits impersonate other spirits?

I have been working both a Woodcroft ritual and a J. Tempest pathworking to see which I like better for reaching Raziel.
I do a Cabbalistic Cross, LRP (invoking) and the Middle Pillar before I start.

Is there any chance of getting something that is not Raziel.

So far I have reached Raziel once with Woodcroft about 2 months ago and then today I seemed to get through with the Tempest pathworking. I felt and sort of saw things that indicated to me something more than imagination was happening.

I also saw a deer, which you would expect to see in Pine trees, but I am not sure what to think. This deer was out of place. Naturally it is possible for that tye of deer to be at that altitude, but it should have been a Mule deer. Anyway, it was “off”.
Anyway, the main question is, would any spirit have the temerity to impersonate Raziel? Or are there really not any consequences for impersonating powerful spirits in the spirit world?

From time to time a parasite (generally speaking) will try and impersonate a well known entity. However not as often.

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It is very unlikely that you will get anything but Raziel with the pathworkings. The elemental images are specifically designed for him.

You said you do the LBRP before you do the pathworking so that in itself will prevent any impostors from showing up.

I use the pathworkings myself without issue.


Fantastic, thank you.

Do you think there is a reason why he doesn’t communicate? He likely knows I was brought up with a Christian background and is sort of easing me into it. So I don’t run off scared. (mabye thats why the deer was there, they freeze or run when frightened and this one just looked, it was interested in me and in Raziel, but not afraid)

Is that possible; the part about me running off terrified because of my background?