Do pictures talk?

Yesterday I was looking at the picture of a woman I know (only online). She’s an adult woman but I was looking at a picture of her from when she was a child. And I’ve heard a little girl’s voice talk to me… I don’t understand, and once again she’s an adult now. I was wide awake when this happened and absolutely not trying to communicate with spirits and once again she’s not even a spirit she’s an adult woman living on earth. I was interested in her because I was hinted that she may be from my spirit family.


Well why don’t you try to talk to the little girl again and see if she can share some things about her life that you can verify through research


@Aluriel because I have no idea how to talk to spirits etc. Yesterday I was so desperate to talk to spirits that I had opened a topic to ask for help. About a month ago I’ve heard a spirit telling me 3 words while I was falling asleep and now this little girl picture telling me “I love you” while I was wide awake. This is all the extent of my experience in spirit communication…


Often times we experienced profound things when we least expect them . I bet that at that moment you were feeling somewhat relaxed, non expectant and maybe just intrigued by the woman with your thoughts on her.

Try to maybe recreate what you were feeling and just relax and try to be receptive


Yes that’s right and I will. I just don’t understand why she’s talked in little girl voice while she’s a grown woman…

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Her inner child could be trying to connect with you for various reasons. Maybe she needs to let go of a particular child hood memory, maybe it’s just symbolism that the particular woman in question needs to listen to her inner child more. Try to see what you get next time and let us know

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