Do people accept new member in their coven

Hi Everyone i wanted to ask if anyone can let me join their coven

Sorry mate, that’s not how this works.

Posting this, you’re opening yourself to be seen as meal by scammers. There is a very low treshold to send PMs and I can already see some people that never speaks, but is always lurking, trying to sell you a bridge or two.

I’ll advise you to be careful.

You’ll probably want @Lady_Eva to delete this thread altogether.


:point_up: Excellent response there my friend, please tread with caution. :+1:

Keeping stuff public means bullshitters have fewer places to hide.


I agree with what’s been said above, and I find it better to work alone personally. The forum is a nice place to get feedback and help when needed - as well as to relate. However I find magick/occult work and Spirituality to be an very individualized and personal path.


Ask to u local esoteric store tey have wicca, pagan celebrate days etc and the arcane gnosis. It be 2 years to get invites but if u have skills or something tey may need. Otherwise be a Mason.

And here is what @ReyCuervo and @Lady_Eva meant loll.

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Ok ill be aware of scammer and my approach was just to be in coven of powerful occultist

Cosmos, powerful occultists are rare, tru u can find in facebook a few realones, it cost money and worth. I taking clases whit a santero, voido witch guy. I pay like 70 a month. Its great.