Do Love spells wear off?

no they dont. Energy is not bound by time it can afect the future and the past. :slight_smile:

So these love spells can last for the rest of their life? It doesn’t wane? At some point it has to doesn’t it?

I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that love spells never wear off. Experience shows otherwise.

Prince Sitri is tricky and works like that. You’ll definitely feel some of it because he brings your desires together with the persons. Always keep that in mind working with him.

depending on how you cast it it can wane or not.

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i know but that simply means that such a spell was not yet cast by us. it is time to seek and open ourselves to new posibilities to eternity… if therw are limitations then so also there can be no limitations.

Why yes, love spells can wear off but it depends on the people and the spell involved, for instance.

There are lots of ways to go about a love spell and some are more powerful than others, as well as harder.
Assuming the spell is done right.

Method One
Power: Strong
Difficulty: easy - Hard

  • Enchantment done right will yield excellent results, but there are 3 way you can go about it.
  1. Reciting the spell out loud & alone (Easy)
  2. Putting your target under hypnotic trance before reciting spell.(Hard)
  3. Enchanting a potion intended for ingestion.(Medium)

Method Two
Power: Weak - Strong
Difficulty: Medium

  • Potions are a fickle thing and can vary in complexity, but the process is the same. But depending on the skill of the magician the potion can be either weak or strong. Here are ways to go about it.
    1.Take some mint (mint is ruled by venus) and separate it into its “Sulfur - Mercury - Salt” states (Medium)
    2.Consecrate them for your purpose and combine them on the day and hour of Venus,(Medium)
    3.You can then take a dropper and use this potion
    in a moscow mule (use only a drop or two) if done right it’s all you will need.(Easy)

And now finally I’ll close with this.

Love spells are best used the same way one would use a ferrocerium fire starter.

The spell will help get it going and maybe even going hot :fire:

But in the end the relationship must be kindled by the magician,

Kinda how like money spells set up opportunities for you to go out and meet in the world.

Love spells help you reach home base but it ultimately falls on the magician to keep him or herself there.


I think that is probably the best explanation. When you look at those posting, you can almost smell desperation in some posts and that permeates the ritual and you end up with an edgy eggshell like result where you are always uncertain of what will happen next and that in itself can cause the massive friction to cause a break up.

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Not always :cupid:

Popular notion of magick plays a role in this and other cases, i.e. one may have unlikely expectations. Over the last years, reading certain points made, I happened to react with surprise and disappointment.
Then again, it’s natural for magick considered as a science to have complications. For example, like an author wrote: the effect of a working will deteriorate, causing other effects.