Do LHP people with white auras exist?

Have anyone met such an unique person in the lhp scene? A witch with white aura? If so, did you ask more about his/her life? Magic style, family, kids, work, goals, role in the community, sex life if any?


Aura is never a solid single colour, white aura has various meanings based on what you sense from it. Many ‘LHP’ have a white auric layer, being LHP does not stop you from having such nor does it give you a “dark aura” or a “black aura”

when people do aura scans they give what each auric layer (they are capable of seeing) sensation to them, a black aura can mean secluded for one person but mean something entirely different to another, white aura can be starting a new path spiritually, or being physically or mentally healthy in other meanings.

There’s really no limit to what a single color means to an individual when reading the aura and there’s no such thing as a single auric colour only what your scanning skills can pick up out of the various other layers.


I do not possess the ability to see aura but from the theoretical articles Ive read before,
The aura represents a person’s disposition and emotions.
A LHP with white aura must be someone with a fierce, almost ‘cruel’ sense of virtue


The aura represents your emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, mental health, aspects of your personality traits, how people see you as in what you project outwards based on those aforementioned things and even your spiritual development.

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Interesting point of view.

A LHP whitch doing demonic incantations and rituals to change reality in order to take care of his/her child/children and provide a healthy environment to them. A person who loves the truth and has the role of a teacher and a guide for other people. A person who works with protective demons to repel perverted attacks from others. Probably works in social services or being a nurse.

Might also be the High priest/High priestess of a LHP coven and have a white aura. Involved in teaching, taking care of the members day and night especially when one is sick, praying to the forces of Tohu Bohu Chasek for the members of the group. Assigning demonic entities to attend to the necessities of the breathren.

You don´t neccesarily have to be a dick to be LHP practitioner, even healthy things like Tantra or Yoga are considered LHP…So it is completely plausible to be a good human being without being in the RHP… However, i think you couldn´t differentiate a LHP practitioner with white aura, from a good RHP follower, a person with that kind of energy would rarely dominate or do something nasty to other beings.