Do I pay a demon for mixed results?

Keep getting real mixed results. Shit goes real good then a big problem gets in the way and then I get teased a little with the possibilty of getting it accomplished then everything falls through completely.

Should I pay or even keep working with said entity or just cut it all off completely ?

Tbh I didn’t think it’d be this hard to get a running truck on the road but it seems it’s out of the realm of possibility for the foreseeable future. But I guess it’s what I get for daily driving a ram.

The spirit I’m working with is of very high order and communication isnt clear as day yet because of my senses but when I evoke him I get clear answers telepathically or via pendulum. Mostly yes or no questions.

Anyway the spirit isn’t upset with me and I’m not cursed or blocked so Idk what’s really going on.

I was pretty clear with my intent and everything. So how do I respectfully approach this ?

Maybe the spirit is toying with me. Dunno. Don’t care. Hasn’t tried to harm me in anyway.

Tbh the only spirits I trust now are Lucifer and maybe Azazel.

As far as I know… the general rule is, if you got mixed results, it’s optional. You may pay the spirit or not. The obligation to pay or give offerings only happens when you promised to do so and what you asked for is completely done or received.

But in my opinion you shouldn’t pay or give any offerings for mixed results. If you’ll pay for mixed results, then expect more of it in the future. You need to make the spirits you work with know and understand that you take this seriously. When you give them specific instructions and ask for specific thing… then that’s exactly what you expect from them, anything else you wouldn’t pay for.

To show how serious you are - some people consider it a punishment - you can stop working with that spirit for a while. Or let it know that you will tell others about it, giving it kind of “bad review” :slight_smile: they care about their reputation.

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In my experience, mixed results tend to come because of the magician, not the spirit. Internal inconsistencies and conflicts within are working against your magick.

I have found this particularly to be prevalent in money magick, because a lot of people hold very inconsistent thoughts about money and wealth, Most people want more of it, but at the same time, they hold beliefs that people with a lot of money are bad, or they don’t deserve more, etc.

i would recommend talking it out with the spirits. If the mixed results are due to something going on in your mind, they may have advice to help you get out of your own way.


In your experience, what tends to come from the spirit? I mean, what needs to happen, and you would blame the spirit for, not the magician?

I apologize but this approach or blaming magicians for almost everything, sounds like Christianity. If you don’t get your prayers answered then blame your faith, God works in mysterious ways. When the prayer is fully answered, then it’s because God is all good. Whatever happens, never blame God for anything, only yourself.

What’s the difference when you’re working with demons ?

Many say they don’t worship them. But that’s exactly what they’re doing. Calling it a work - partnership-business relationship. But what they’re doing is not only that. If it’s truly business or work, then both sides have responsibility. What’s happening here is one side takes all credit, and another side takes all the blame when the results are not as expected or nothing is done.

When you blame the spirit ? When you know and understand it’s the spirits fault ?

I’d suggest trying to get your beliefs in order before assuming it’s the spirits fault. You probably believe Magick is powerful and works but, if your energy is doubtful or worry some the result will be sub-par. A gun is very powerful and people believe it’s powerful, but if they can’t use the tool do to their abilities or hesitation/faith you can’t say “this gun sucks”. Maybe try talking to the spirit if you did something wrong if they say no then I think it’s reasonable to let them know the job is not up to standard.

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Hmmm. Well all I asked for was to find a good deal on a rebuilt transmission and to manipulate a good honest guy I know to drop his schedule to help me put it in so I could save the 1.5k it costs to swap it. That’s it. He’s constantly busy hasn’t been able to do it.

3 months later I had to pay someone who I believe is trying to take advantage of to put it in. Don’t know him very well.

He broke the crank shaft sensor and I had to get another and the idiot at the store got me the wrong one even though he rung me up for the right one. The truck was bogging out and the dude tried telling me it’s the tranny when it’s obviously the engine backfiring and bogging out.

Also the seal on my rear end is leaking. As raggedy and rusty as the truck is and as many times as it’s been hit I decided to buy a much cleaner and maintained one to put that rebuilt tranny in.

Got a great deal on it for 1k and the dude even came and helped me drop the tranny out of the other for me but we couldn’t put it in the other one because we didn’t have a good enough jack.

So with a bill a sale and a clean title I bought it yesterday. I only did that because I was promised that a friend of the family who is also a dodge guy would borrow a hydro jack and help me put it in either today or tomorrow.

But sure enough he fell through on the promise and it doesn’t look like it’s happening.

So what did I buy the truck for ? Wasted that money and time. Nothing to show for it either. Just gonna sell it back and give that dude the transmission as payment for taking it out. Fuck this.

I’m not asking for a miracle just a little help. I don’t expect shit to fall in my lap which is why I jumped at the opportunity for a good deal on a much better truck.

Took too many days off work because of it too. Boss is very unhappy. Might get fired if I take another one off.

Sorry for the long reply but it’s a complete fuck fest. Should’ve never bought that transmission and scraped the truck.

It’s really simple. In my experience, it usually is the magician, not the spirit. Magicians unknowingly interfere in their own magick all the time, especially beginners. We all know how lust for result can hold back the outcome, and if the subconscious is responsible for all magical results as you claimed in another thread, then it stands to reason that something within the magician’s mind is causing the mixed results.

As a point of fact, practitioners of the Law of Attraction also talk about getting mixed results, and there are no spirits involved in that paradigm, so I always look to myself first because I know the basic psychology involved.

Mixed results are more likely to be caused by the magician working against the magick, than a spirit not doing the job based on my own experiences. I have had many non results, and I have had a few mixed results, and the difference almost always comes down to my own mind. I have had spirits not do what was asked, and I no longer work with those spirits, but after some introspection and meditation, I’ve been able to redo my magick and turn my mixed results into full results.

My advice to the OP is to have someone do a divination to find out if it is an internal thing or if the spirit isn’t pulling its weight. Depending on the answer, redo the magick or try another spirit.


Ime these spirits don’t mess around. They have no reason to test you or screw with you, unless you’re disrespectful to them. When you get in your own way (fear, worry, doubt, guilt, dwelling on the problem, bad attitude, holding beliefs that do not serve you, etc), there isn’t a single spirit or entity, or energy in the entire Universe than can bend the Universal laws to suit you. You need to take responsibility for your own beliefs and internal conflicts, and for controlling your mind when you’re creating your reality, because to create the reality you want means to create in harmony with the laws of this Universe. Blaming the spirit that you contacted for help, is a sure sign that you aren’t taking care of your internal stuff as well you you need to, and is disrespectful to the spirit.

Judging by the way you’ve been talking about the problem you need help with, I’m not really surprised that things aren’t going as well as you’d have liked. Appreciation is key, no matter how bad the situation is. It sounds to me an issue of momentum that was already well underway before you summoned the spirit. Yes, there’s a Law of Momentum in operation. :wink: There’s nothing the spirit can do about that. It has to work in harmony with the Universal laws just as much as you do, and it’s clear to me it’s done its best. :wink: So if I was in your shoes (and I have had mixed results, or no result happen before), I would still give what I promised, and show it some real appreciation with thanks.

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I already appreciate what’s been done already. 500$ for a rebuilt transmission isn’t jack shit. Not for a full-size 4x4 truck.

And I already got a good deal on a much cleaner truck without all the little problems mine has but what’s the point of the working is the end result is the same ?

Haven’t had a running vehicle since January.

I don’t believe in that harmony shit. You are the god of your own universe, no ? Bend it to your will within reason. There is no law of the universe. What’s the point of doing magick if you can’t influence the outcome to your will ?

But I will pay for what has been done already. Maybe king paimon has done all he can to try and help.

And I always give offerings when evoking him , atleast of incense if nothing else out of respect. I don’t think I’ve disrespected him but if he’s trying to communicate something than I’m oblivious out of ignorance not by choice.

Did you do the work of lining up with the essence of your intent via your thoughts and emotion? Really? :slight_smile:

Okay. :wink: Well, they say there is no greater teacher than experience. You asked, you got advice, you choose how you want to approach this respectfully. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to throw it back in your face , I was asking legitimately. I’m just frustrated. Sorry if I came off as rude with that reply.

Thank you, that’s what I was talking about. It will always be the magician :slight_smile:

And that’s what you disagree with. But you agree with it now? Or you’re using it so you won’t have to blame the spirit you work with and wish to keep their business ? :smile:

You already made it clear that you disagree with that psychological-subconscious explanation, but you refer to it now and agree with it. If you don’t agree with it, then why you mention it? Because you think this is what I believe? I didn’t ask that… I was asking YOUR opinion, not to tell me what you think I believe.

I agree with you completely. Thanks again :slight_smile:

It’s cool, you didn’t offend me. Nothing to apologise for. :slight_smile:

The divination suggestion wasn’t a bad idea either. If anyone wants to volunteer their time for me I would greatly appreciate it. But then again I can’t expect someone to scratch my back without scratching theirs.

No, what I said I disagreed with previously was your conceptualization of the subconscious as being a fact, rather than simply a concept created to make it easier to understand the idea of beliefs below the level of conscious awareness. I can talk about the concept of the subconscious without taking it as a fact. I stated many times in your previous thread that it is a useful fiction, but it is a fiction.

Sorry, but the concept of the subconscious is but a very small part of the psychology of the human mind and taking about internal concepts does not, in any way, mean that that is the only possible explanation. When I discuss the psychology of the mind, I use its concepts, of which the subconscious is one, but that does not mean I agree with the New Age ideas now associated with it.

I told you my opinion, based on my experience and knowledge of psychology.

quote=“PrinceX, post:13, topic:41406”]
Or you’re using it so you won’t have to blame the spirit you work with and wish to keep their business ? :smile:

As I already posted, I have put the “blame” on spirits for lack of results before. I also stated that any mixed results that I had, I was able to remedy by getting out of my own way. My goal, when my magick doesn’t work, is to find out the why. I don’t care if it is my own mind or the spirit’s fault, only that I can use the knowledge to improve my results.

Not always.

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Honestly, I have no idea how your logic works when it comes to any psychological explanation or using psychological concepts. It’s like you agree and disagree with everything at the same time, depends how you need it to be at any given time. Or that’s how I understand it. Probably I’m wrong and just can’t understand your way of thinking regarding this subject.

That I completely understand and absolutely agree with :+1:

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your thoughts and experience, appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Any books you could recommend, that explain your point of view in more detail ?
Would be great if possible.

Thank you,

I just wanted to say that this is a very good thread.

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Maybe he doesn’t like Rams. I don’t like working on vehicles even though I’m good at it. Why don’t you ask him how you can assist him…ask if he is encountering issues, ask if he has things going on and that you’d be okay if he delegates the task to some of his 200 legion (1 legion is over 6k) if it would be better for him and his busy schedule…and tell him it was my idea to suggest as a possible solution if those obstacles were hampering him.
I know you’re frustrated, but try to let your body and spirit relax. You’re teeth clenching energy. You’ll self sabotage.