Do i have to light 4 Candles for Belial according to this?

I want to Evoke Belial for Legal Matters…On the Internet i found the following

  • Four candles should be placed in each of the four cardinal points to depict the following: North is for Belial and earth, east is for Lucifer and air, south is for Flereous and fire, and west is for Leviathan and water [8].
  • One should invoke the energies of the different elements (earth, air, water, and fire). This is done by gesturing alternately at the four cardinal directions whilst reciting the Enns of both Belial and Lucifer – Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial and Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer respectively [8]. These are repeated at least 3 times.

Is it true,that i would need 4 candles? If yes,which color?

And also should i gesture ( point my finger to each candle and say that enn of belial and lucifer)? each 3 times


The first i invoke him just used one candle and its work. The offering, respect and gift part is more important.

Simple answer is no, if you’re just wanting to contact Belial. If the bullet points you cite are from a particular ritual, then I don’t know the context to make that call. It’s ultimately up to you and how you connect with the energies. You could just draw his sigil, light a black or white candle, some Frankincense, an offering (if you’d like), and have your request ready. Be respectful, have confidence, thank him when done, and allow him to depart as he wishes. Then walk in power that your Will is manifested.

i read i should use a yellow candle?

Look what colour he like or his colours, google might also help in this matters.

I reviewed the site you got that information from. The number (8) at the end refers to notes at the bottom of the screen. They provided a link to another page. Read the invocation section, it tells you there.

Just incase you don’t find it:

“Prepare all needed ritual utensils. Place four candles north, east, south, west (could be of any color, although I prefer black ones, but you can have one of each corresponding color) on each quarters of the circle.”

Above info sited from the website.

His colors are white, yellow, black, green and brown, so yes, you can use yellow ones.

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You just have to do what works for you. There as as many different methods as there are grains of sand on the earth. What do you feel would work for you?

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This question is for me?

If it is, I’ve use black, white, red or dark blue candles. These are colors what likes all of Deities who I working with (and I feel these close to myself).

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Sorry @Nagash it was for @princess_samedi09, but for everyone too I guess LOL

She was pulling information but not going deep enough in her research. I just wanted to let her know how and where to look since she is new I wanted to let her know where those hidden extra steps were.


I see, no problem.

In the magick world you can use your own methods for getting something what you want. There is no that much written rules that people thought at first. Everyone is different, and magick is a way more bigger “thing”, full of opportunities, options and with million ways to reach something.

This is something what I also like in magick.
You can create your own. :star2::dizzy:

(Of course, do not misunderstood me; reading and do researches are essential if you want to find out more and more about this whole, and in the same time it will inspire you)

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I agree with you @Nagash, you give off great energy in your writing, I like that :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can use yellow (or even gold) because, if I’m not mistaken, some say he’s associated with the Sun. But his cardinal directions are North and South His element listed is Earth. What I’ve found is that you can call him from any direction with its corresponding elements, etc. But you’re following a certain ritual so maybe try that first. If you’re not connecting with it then try modifying it to better meet your needs.