Do drugs like marijuana help with evokation

Do drugs help?. In basic sigil magic to evoke demons. No sigil flashing , no nothing. I need help


Maybe? Never tried, but it is said that the Zoroastrians used a potion that made with marijuana to communicate with ancestors and entities…

I believe so, it Heightens your senses.

Disclaimer that I don’t condone breaking the law, blasie blasie

From personal experience yes. Even better if it’s a sativia. You don’t need much, just a couple of it’s to get your brain going. You can get the same affect with Black sage(mugwort). Or, if you have both on hand, mix them up into one.

For added affect, bless and consecrate it before you take it.

Just make sure you don’t turn it into a crutch.


Thankfully it’s no longer breaking the law up in Snowy white North that is Canada because I find it helps me significantly. I carry a lot of nervous tension that is hard to get rid of to enter a good TGS without at least a puff or two beforehand.


Alcohol, tobacco, weed, ayahuasca, poyote, psilocybin mushroom and so on.
There is a reason Why different kind of drugs have been used all through mankinds history to aid in spiritual and magical practice.
However the amount say of weed would be less then one would use to get high, you wanna use it to assist in changing your state but not to the point one get totaly high then the necessary focus thatvyour work need will be impossible.
And yes dont use any substances that are illegal and If they are legal dont get hooked on them and try not be dependent on them for your work but use as aifmd in times when itscrealky hard to focus or whatever.


Yes, plus they’re fun too for you and your spirits. In all seriousness I will echo don’t get hooked it isn’t needed just enhancement. I don’t consider weed a drug though, but don’t go overboard with addictive substances or hallucinogens. Sure you want to trip out once and all go for it still be responsible you have to live in reality after all. EA Koetting even mentions these practices are meant to enhance your life not take it over. I used to do a lot of hallucinogens and it took me time to get back to normal like two years. Granted I was young and dumb and did it almost everyday today I pass. Maybe one time in the future but I find it cool to pick up these extra senses naturally or just high.

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Through my experience and from what my friends who also partake have reported in the past, it takes a hell of a lot to induce a hallucination of any sort for the majority of Marijuana strains. Salvia Divinorum is it’s own special case as it is now quite different from ‘domesticated’ plants that are grown for recreational and medical use.

Self control is a main player in this. So use sound judgement on what is enough for you, if any at all.


Maybe, but marijuana is specially good to help you evoke schizophrenia. No, really.

I think marijuana along with some hallucinogens can be somewhat helpful. I like to be high for meditation, astral projection, divination, etc. as I find it puts me in a better mindset for it. I do have adhd though, so I’m not sure if it has the same effect on me as it does someone without adhd. I’ve heard others say they find it harder to focus while high. I’ve found the opposite to be true.

As far as hallucinogens, I’ve never done sort of rituals while tripping nor have I ever really hallucinated more than things looking a bit more vivid in color. I do find though, that it makes me a bit more open-minded and receptive for a short time after, like a couple weeks or so, before the effect wears off.