Do dogs get possessed at times by bloodthirsty spirits? I honestly think they do.

Lol this has nothing to do with bloodthirsty spirits, it’s the dog.

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That’s just a poorly trained dog and a nervous woman.

Dog should probably be put down to be honest…

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Somebody in the comments said “Ain’t no dog gonna be growling in my house like they pay bills, they gotta go.”

Ok back to the topic…

That dog wasn’t possessed, it was probably reacting to her fear or demeanor or whatever.


It’s part of why there’s an ongoing issue here in the US about keeping pitbulls because there’s a mix of training and also them having a poor genetic disposition to aggression that either is bred out of them or they are docile for a while but later not so much.

Pitbulls mind can degrade as they age. I loved my pitbulls growing up lol but the one I have now has a tendency to try and attack us :expressionless:


Seems animals adopt the temperament and personality of their owners. I noticed this trend myself. So they might adopt the energy of a spirit, whether positive or negative…

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Lololol. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to raise a dog. Maybe this is the only way this dog has learned how to express hunger, attention, tinkle, ect and gets noticed.

What do you mean by trying to attack you as in literally biting attack or nibble. A pit bull that does outgoing attacks is not a good dog to have ? I once helped to train a friends cross between a pit bull and a Rottweiler. And in the end the dog would run against the wall and bump it’s head as hard it could against the wall she had to take it out he was not their anymore.

Lol he’s an adult pitbull he doesnt nibble anymore but yes my family wants to get rid of him but my dad is to put it bluntly stupid and does not want to give him away, we thought getting him neutered was going to help but it did not.

Animals and especially pets are an incredible loving gift from the spirits. Are benevolent to a maximum. Possessed not but guided by spirits yes especially is about saving someone’s life. Pets and animals are our little brothers capable of true love :heart_eyes:

Ok I see well that tends to be a problem but I understand your dad to but in this case I think it will go bad if left unchecked for to long !

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Yeah, it’s gotten bad a few times lol. Some will always blame the owner but it often is not the case, we never harmed him as a puppy and of course we fed him off a bottle but his mind is kind of not all there. He’s bitten my brother’s children before but my dad tends to blame the individual the dog harms rather than the dog simply because he doesn’t want the hassle of sending him away.

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Ya I saw that too funny :joy:

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I really think there is more to it. There have been dogs that just hated me. This one pitbull didn’t growl at anyone else walking by it’s yard, as soon as I approached it started barking viciously, it would have attacked had I gotten close enough. I’ve heard stories of people being maulled to death by their own dogs when everything was right before. Dogs are very in tune with energy.

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The woman’s demeanor and the way the dog is acting makes me think it’s maybe her boyfriend or husband’s dog and it just flat-out does not respect her when he’s not around.

I have a dog that is perfectly friendly 99% of the time, but if he senses that you’re afraid, he gets big-headed and will push you around and maybe even dive for your heels. He’s nowhere near the level of this dog though. This dog is a ticking time bomb and thinking about it gives me anxiety.