Do demons mind if you just want to shoot the shit with them?

If you just want to talk to a demon for the purpose of knowing their opinions and thoughts on things, do they mind? Or hang out. Like if I just wanted to watch The Good Place with Buer or something.

edit: it should also be known I’ve never actually evoked or invoked a demon before but I’m trying to get there.


Personally it happened me to think that it would be one of the things helping with having requests fulfilled i. e., a way to become friends. It would also be more practice for what regards communication but maybe also benefit for Ascent in general because of the possible insight received, summed to all the above.

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Some do, some don’t. Honestly, it really depends on the relationship you cultivate with them.

For almost all the spirits I call, I prefer a business like approach. I don’t need invisible friends, I want allies and partners. However, I once invited Belial to accompany me to watch a stage play, and he seemed to enjoy it.


As D.K said,

However, I tend to invite the demons I work with or feel a connection with to hangout around me, watch a show with me if they prefer and most times come sit and jam out to music with me while I sing for them as an offering.

I assume they do not mind. If they did they would let me know or would not come upon my request.

Everybody’s way is different when it comes to create bond or communicating. Such as D.K prefers a business like approach and I prefer to keep it 50/50. Sometimes I limit my relationship and bonds to a direct, business approach and other times depending on the demon and how I feel towards them I request them to come, “hangout.” With Azazel I sometimes invite him to talk. Whether it’s me rambling, speaking or venting about certain specific things I feel regarding the path or anything else… and since I suck at hearing or communicating with him I assume and feel through his presence that he’s listening. I play a playlist of songs for him and invite him to pick the next song etc.

So, no. I personally feel they don’t mind, I’ve had no issues. I think some may find it flattering and may enjoy it, as well as the intent and energy you put in as you talk to them, sing to them or as you watch the show with them.

The Good Place is my favorite and one of my comfort shows and I adore philosophy. The aspect of the show is based on philosophy with references, Buer has wisdom on Philosophy I’m sure he’d be fond of it.


If you’ve never even summoned a demon before, I’d do that before thinking about hanging out with one.

It is unlikely that you will sense much at first while you are developing your psychic/magickal senses, so you may just disappoint yourself with overly enthusiastic expectations instead of whatever experience you have in mind. It is really not too difficult to delude yourself into believing that a demon is talking to you if you don’t have that experience of demonic contact translating into tangible material manifestations that benefit you and your life.

It is commonly said that if you want supernatural experiences, arguably the most effective way to reach that level of occult skill is to just do practical magick to get results in your material life. This puts your focus on things which are useful to you and allows you to know what demons and spirits are capable of doing.

It may sound cool to have a spirit friend, and these sorts of relationships are extremely profound once you have the abilities that give you access to this, but go too far down that path and you can end up a hermit with no human friends and a bit of a wonked-out mind, or even worse, a LARPer who is extremely delusional and sabotaging their life, happiness, fulfilment, and satisfaction over the overly hasty and unskilled approach to such experiences.

When you witness a demon manifest influence, money, wisdom, a simple curse, healing, enhanced personal abilities, anything, you come to understand what it is you are summoning into your life and your mind. Demons are not human, and that is important to wrap your mind around.

I would buy a demonic grimoire and practice its magick. You can summon a demon quite easily and make a request. If you make demonic ritual magick a part of your life, you will experience demons, and that experience will change and evolve over time. If you avoid magick by watching TV and talking to yourself, your life will probably be pretty boring and exceptionally mundane.



Super important as well.

Oh I wasn’t really aware of how this post made me come across. I have done a couple petitions and have been working towards communication with them. I was just asking as a curious question.

I would say it depends on what relationship you have with them. I see the spirits I work with as friends, so I like hanging out with them. I would say building the relationship first and then you may try inviting them to watch movies/go to parties with you or simply have a nice chat.
If you find out that you prefer to have a more professional relationship with them, that’s also fine. You don’t need to call them when there is no work they you need them to do for you.

As DarkestKnight said. It really depends on the demon and the relationship you have with them. I know that Father Asmodeus doesn’t mind just chilling with me and chatting, and I am sure that Lucifer wouldn’t mind.

If your senses are good and developed, or if you can do automatic writing with them, just ask if its ok to just invite them over and chat and hang out.