Do demons get jealous of each other?

Exactly as the topic says. Do demons get jealous of each other based on what offerings etc. are made to them by the Black Magician? I want to ensure that I don’t inadvertently offend one I’m working with by making a larger offering to another.


Not from my experiences they dont, i give offering based on who has helped me the most.
And i got this for you idk if i gave it already but my intuition is telling me to so:

Hey i always ask people to pm me for stuff not because I’m a creep, but because i tried to commit suicide(I’m better now) and a close friend of mine succeeded, i find that when given the option to talk about what’s on there mind, they do. It really helps a lot of people and make them feel much better. And if you needed it you could ask me for my number because sometime you just can go onto a forum and really need a ear to listen.

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I don’t think so, but if they do… can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t tell you about it and keep it to themselves and just … be jealous. That wouldn’t benefit them in any way.

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