Do currently active forum members curse others here?

You should always have your banishments refreshed, your shields and wards ready. You never know whose going to throw what at who.

I have a working I do with king Bael on full moons for defense and also talismans and jewelry that have protective stones.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


You’re spot on here I neglected protection around last year or half assed it and paid the price.

Also invoke the energies of spirits into your wards and shields.some offer almost bulletproof protection.


With wards and shields, how much energy via dancing, MMA, middle pillar, wi gong, tai chi, etc should go into wards and shields?
Also, how much of it is visual?

Shields - I visualize my room in a blue energy bubble, clearing parasites like a bug zapper on contact.
I visualize the pentagrams and circle in various forms.
I visualize drawing a white flame circle around me, drawn clockwise, and closed counterclockwise.
Mirror suit deflecting negative energy.

Wards - four with a possible fifth:
Vine suit - choking and constricting any negative energy
Tornado eye suit - all negativity lifted into the whirlwind.
Diving suit - negativity is plunged into ice cold water and pulled up into a burning lake of lava.
Phoenix suit - all four in one leaving me positive energy

So, how much visualization actually does the intent proficiently with full force?