Do any of you have any death curses you can share?

What happens? as in the process or what happens to the person?

Add this to the graveyard spell.



yeah I’m just curious!

Are you able to disown this person, ignore them, or remove them from your life in any way? I personally don’t have any enemies or see a reason to make them, but if it’s an abuser I’ve always found it best to just completely shut them out of my life and break all contact. Is that an option for you, or no?

You could also try to report them to the police, or at the very least seek some kind of legal action against them.

You ARE aware of the books because you got answers about this in your posts yesterday.
And I poste the image of the answers to you in another thread when you asked again. You were also given galleryofmagick before.
And you already got links to the tutorials as well.

All quoted to her yesterday already. Great minds…

This ^
It’s starting to look like you’re not interested in answers as much as attention.
It’s piss or get off the pot time. It’s doing you no good to go spiraling around the millions of options, pick something and start actually trying, you don’t need any more ‘advice’, you’ve heard it all.


that’s not possible, police were no help, they aren’t blood-related and the story is long and complicated we’ve been putting in for houses, seeking support etc
just gotta get accepted THEN We’ll be okay

i already know read what i said
im not asking advice at this point just explaining my situation
i already said thank you and ive been reading through what i can i Am interested which is why i ask like everybody else has

All the advice you needed was given here and in your other thread…great, sound advice. At this point if you want to go on about your situation, perhaps starting a journal to keep a log of your magickal progression might be of interest.


yes thats a great idea, im planning on doing a spell tonight it requires 10days of work

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Dude, you don’t need ingredients. It’s all intention and focus.


yes i got that , i was drained and got dizzy after doing the spell i completed, drew a sigil too i’ll update in 10days

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