Do any of you have any death curses you can share?

Thank you so much, does it count if I already had a dream I stabbed them or I keep seeing words in my head repeated as “__died”? I’ve thought without meaning to at points

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all the info you need is in the galleryofmagick website . they gots all the books you need on magick. keep asking over and over for spells on the forum is not productive. you don’t have the needed basics foundation knowledge if your looking just for spells and it might mess you up.


Not really, the point of the visualization is for there to be focused effort in manifesting your will.

As others are wisely saying, you may want to spend some time learning the basics of magick and availing yourself of all the incredibly useful tutorials on the forum. A spell or ritual is just a tool for you to use magick, you need to have the skills or necessary anger to execute them.

ive been researching for months and before making my own post read other threads. i get what you mean but im just really at a last resort point willing for any advice at all. im unaware of the books section because im new here

yes im aware of that and have been looking into stuff for months
im still getting used to the site but navigation’s messy for me. if you can direct me to beginner friendly tutorials id be happy

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I was talking more specifically about magick in general there, not death curses. When you join the forum you get a pm that has links to all sorts of helpful tutorials, you might want to look at that.

Here and here are some good compendiums of beginner’s tutorials for magick.

Besides that I’d recommend checking out E.A Koetting’s Baneful Magick, and Gordon Winterfield’s Angels of Wrath and Magickal Attack, they’re pretty good.

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oh, i know! and ooo those last two books ive been researching info on because they interest me
thank you for the links and books

There was a direct energy “curse” I made up myself that basically is more of an energetic one that causes the soul to erode over time. Which in turn eroded aspects of their life, physical and spiritual.

The concept can be revamped into ritual work if the person doesn’t practice such direct energy manipulation.


You can try this.

You can also take their picture and put in a bowl with graveyard dirt and vamp it until they die. Bury the picture in the dirt between feedings. Nice and easy.



your hesitating. if you research for months. then you don’t need to ask question here. you would know what you need to do already.

that’s not a book section. that’s just a magick site that gives you tons of info on magick that is practical. you could of read everything on that site in one day and gotten answers to whatever concern you have. And you would already be casting spells instead of keep asking for suggestion.

This is where action needs to come. People give suggestions but your not following or digesting what they told you. You seem to be relying on forum which is all over the place and not organized with mix messages from different viewpoints.

Just get one of the book from gallery of magick as suggested and stop dilly dallying. You’ll learn more reading one of the books than all your browsing. Cuz i can guarantee that your not getting the info into your brain. it’s in one ear and out the other. A book is great due to organization. that’s how the mind learn. And that’s why i recommend the magick site. it’s organized so easier to understand.

pieces here and there isn’t gonna get you to understand or remember. that’s just jumping around with no cohesive plan or organize knowledge.

heck. get any magick book. at least it lay foundation of basics that is related instead ofscattered info all over the place. there’s a reason people recommend Gallery of magick books. easy to learn and practical and it works.

get one book . use it . practice it and you know more than all your browsing and waiting for others to tell you what to do. any member here can tell you and answer your question but useless cuz your not doing. intellectual knowledge collection and action practice is two different world apart.

you mention you research the book on angel of wrath and magickal attack. what’s there to research? buy the book. read it. practice it. done. there’s no need to research. it contain all info you need in the book to cast. the research is reading the book , get info knowledge and cast spell per instruction. don’t tell me you think research is other’s opinion of it? that’s not research. that’s review.

If money is tight cuz it shows from you keep asking basics or asking instructions. just go to the gallery of magick site as i suggested and read all the blog, comments, articles. Tons of info in one place that is organized. Beats you asking how to do this and how to do that for every little thing. You will probably get most your answer after looking through that site and can think for self instead of waiting to be spoon fed.


care to tell me more?
I’ve been trying my best with visualization, concentration etc
this seems beneficial, what happened with you using it?

i cant Even get any ingredients for most spells right now , and I don’t see why it’s a problem for me to make one thread asking for some advice on what I already know but to get better understanding and help in expanding my knowledge and what I. Should do / how I should do it and approach my situations because asking help from the law is not gonna cut it

I’ve been looking into the resources provided by the forumn itself and have found it very useful , I find it very useful to communicate with others as well I’m a baby witch and if I don’t reach out to my higher ups then I wouldn’t have known stuff that I didn’t know.
I’ve heard of angels of wrath and similar books but I cannot purchase the full book because I’m a minor , I have gotten to view a good book for hexes by Johnnyxoxo called hexcraft but some of the ingredients are near impossible for me to get. And not to mention I’m pretty closeted and my family’s religious , I appreciate your comments but please understand me too.

that’s why i say go read the magick site. it’s for your safety. and tons of useful info that dont’ cost anything. And it give you the info needed to make a wise decision when you do decide to cast spells and help screen which books you want.
you can buy the book on amazon. it’s not restricted to age.
casting spells from forum isn’t advise for beginners cuz theres’ no basics foundation . it’s just spell without background of what your casting.

Up to you to do what was suggested or not. it’s your safety. not mine.


Also yes money is pretty tight but I’ve found the petition tutorial helpful for me wanting to get my spell done correctly

That’s true , but I’ve been hesitant only because I’m waiting for protection to come in the mail an uncrossing bath kit.

We’ve already gotten black salt which I heard someone had it backfire on them

wait wait wait. that’s what they all do. lol. go read the magick site . you’ll learn more about protection there. your not even touching the surface of magick if your waiting for bath kit.

We ran outta Incense too so there’s also that but we do have sea salt. Protection oil, etc I just want to cleanse before and after I start my working if that makes sense ?. I’ll be checking out the section you’re referring to now

What happens? as in the process or what happens to the person?

Add this to the graveyard spell.



yeah I’m just curious!