Do ants mean anything?

If you want to know more about the situation , please check my other postings

Did an obsession spell , having dreams of them , heard them crying yesterday , etc but now … ants are attracted to my things ?

Do ants mean anything ? I live with other people and share the same shower , I didn’t have anything sweet on my things but one of the people who lives with me said they saw a bunch of ants around my shower gloves / soap
Only my things , no one else’s

This has never happened to me
It’s also cold where I’m at right now , ants are usually a problem in the summer only

Thoughts? Do you know if this means anything ?

Thank you!

Hhhmm, have you done anything involving Sahbnock lately? Just I find that when I work with Sahbnock mice show up almost immediately. I realise mice are not the same as ants, but I’m pondering if this may be a similar side effect.

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I had someone cast it for me , pictures and videos were provided but i dont know what was used aside from the objects i saw in said pics and videos

But I’m a newbie so maybe they used it but I didn’t know what to look for and didn’t notice

hard to say really :confused:

Were the mice a good sign for you?

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In my assessment, the mice were a side effect rather than a sign. Sahbnock is often associated with such presentations.
All of my work with Sahbnock has been through the Master Curse ritual in Gordon Winterfield’s book Magickal Attack.
Essentially the master curse ritual takes 12 days. It involves engaging with four goetic spirits (one being Sahbnock) for three days each in a set way.
I performed the whole process nine times last year. On the first seven occasions, whenever I began the Sahnock portion, I would start hearing mouse activity within the walls before the ritual was finished. For context, mice do live in the area underneath my block of flats, but they don’t venture up my way.
But when I conduct the Sahbnock part of the ritual, they come up through the walls. Then for the next three days I have notable mouse infestation that continues until I reach the last phase of the 12 day ritual. The last phase being Glasya Labolas.The mouse presence just stops right there. I feel because when one calls in Glasya with that kind of rage fuelled vengeful intent, that’s an energy that nothing wants to be around - the mouse presence vacates immediately.

I mentioned that the mouse response occurred every time for the first seven of the nine times I carried out this process.
Before the eighth and ninth times, I conducted an experiment. I used the ‘Move someone out of your life’ ritual from the same book before starting the master curse ritual. But rather than using the ritual for its intended purpose of moving a known individual from my life, I focussed on removing mice in general from my space.
So those last two run throughs.

Sorry I realise I’m drifting a little off the thread topic here


No, no , that’s alright

It helps me learn new things to hear stuff off topic anyway ! I’m gonna read up on Sahbnock
Maybe it could be useful to know more about this

That’s really interesting and yeah i get a few ants here too but it’s still super cold outside and it’s not normal for my house ; I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it’s a side affect or just a coincidence that it’s happened.

Wow, 9 times in a year!

Do you think I should be performing a spell more than once within a month ? Someone said it can interfere with results to lust after results

Or if I can add a different spell to help the situation ?

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Is one of the most excellent signs of wellbeing. Never kill them or force them away.

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My roommate washed them down the drain !
Didn’t know until they told me , I didn’t do it myself or tell them to do it

Am I in trouble ? :weary:

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Cool, then you’re just fine :wink:

Did you do the MC 9 times on the same target, or on 9 different targets? I’m just surprised because either way it feels like a lot.

Last year I got a bunch of ants in my house. It took me a month, but I passively discouraged them from staying dropping some vinegar and salt.

No biggie. Never heard of doing so being “bad luck” or anything before. If I see a bug, I kill it and throw it away :woman_shrugging:

I don’t relate ants or rats or bugs in general to any entity (any time I tried to establish a connection, it was a bit of a stretch).

What I noticed that can and does happen though is that these little beings will sense the energies and spirits we’re working with, and they might feel drawn to it. That’s all.

Unless it’s a bug or small animal that’s always been related to some entity we’re working with throughout history.

For example, if you do a ritual with Bastet, don’t be surprised to see all cats being more drawn and open to you, or even having a bunch of cats yelling at your window out of nowhere. That kind of thing.

Most of the time, they just sense “something,” but that’s all.


The general guideline is not to repeat the same spell for the same thing unless that was your plan at the outset. Ie, you shouldn’t repeat it due to lack of confidence in what you’ve already done.
My nine repetitions of the master curse ritual were all against different enemy targets, I wasn’t repeating on the same target.

In terms of whatever your situation is, you can do other spells aimed at different aspects of the situation.

Nine different enemy targets. Yep its a lot, but if something needs doing it needs doing.


Hey, I got no right to judge. I used it on two people.

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It all relates to the same matter. There are nine main enemy ring leaders.

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How did the results turn out?

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Unknown, target feedback is unavailable im afraid

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