Do a spell today that already happened yesterday...Advance Spellcraft Theory

Simple question, does a spell energy only occur linearly “forward”.
Simple answer, HELL NO, its energy.

As most know, time is an observable dimension, much like seeing depth (3d as opposed to 2d video games) and how we view that dimension is in a linear progression. But that does not mean time exists in some linear state of ever moving “forward”, if anything time exists as a simple “moment” and it is our brains that fast forward or rewind that moment. Certain conditions can impact how we move through that dimension, it has been known for a long time that the faster something moves, the more time dimension is warped around that object. Some speculate that if we could ever move faster then the constant speed of light then perhaps we could even move “backwards” through time. What we do know is that even approaching 1/3 speed of light speeds has caused verified time difference in the minutes.

Okay enough physics talk (though learning theoretical physics will help any magician). I won’t claim to be an expert by any measure of the word. But, how does this apply to our spell craft, simple, our energy being release for a spell exists in a state that is outside of our linear observation. And if you think about it, most spells begin to work far before you spoke the words. Here is an example:

  1. I wanted a new job, specifically I wanted a job in my dream field. What all needs to occur for me to get that job?
    A. An opening needed to become available.
    B. The HR and hiring team decided they wanted to talk with me.
    C. The hiring team decided they liked me over the other applicants (sometimes ranging in the hundreds).
    D. Everything in my life needed to align with that opportunity.

Now some of those points can be argued to occur “after” the spell was intoned. Sure, but some of those points may have required changes to occur long before I said any words or put my intention in the universe.

Maybe the best example and one of the most common spells “bring my perfect mate to me”. Well that person would have needed to be born, grown up, gather the skills and experience needed to be your perfect mate. I know many women who claim they manifested their partner, down to their unique physical features. There is no way that could have occurred if the spell effects only happened “after” the intention was released. One could argue that the spell work actually transported the witch to a dimension where their partner already existed (and that would be a fun conversation) but lets leave that for now.

How many times in your life have you randomly received money or good fortune and had that special feeling inside? And then some time in the “future” you did a spell to attract money to you or some other benefit but it didn’t manifest?

How many times have you ever randomly felt ill, depressed, or down for absolutely no reason? Well, curses and hexes exist outside of linear time as well.

My final point of thought, what makes you think that your next life will be progressively after this time period? What makes you think that your “past” lives were only in the “past” from our point of view? Maybe a prophet or seer is really just having “future memories” as I like to say. Many sci-fi authors too may be having future memories.

Shatter your perception of time and you will see interesting results. This also means you need to be more specific about what you want!


Good point, the money probably goes to the time where you need it the most. I remember as a teen finding a $20 on the ground and buying myself ice cream with it. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t found it :flushed:


No ice cream for you!!


Who knows. I could have been hit by a car or murdered :thinking:

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No. I dont think so. …
Just no ice cream which is sad enough :cry:

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