DMT and Magick

not to sure where to post this, so if this thread has been started else where or is out of place, I apologize.

I own a copy of Blair Mackenzie Blake’s Ijynx. It is a collection of prose-poems of night-side symbolism. For those who do not know this author he is the website moderator for the band Tool. He mentions a good commentary in a lot of his poems and commented about DMT in the DarkLore series (daily grail publishing) as well.

In his poem “The divine Jewel of Anthropophagy” the commentary reveals how a “lodge in the mid-90’s” (Tool? Via P.U.P) used a sonic visualizations to “shake the crystals” off ones pineal gland for ceremonial purposes to release these endogenous tryptamines. It also mentions these rituals coincided with the brightness of the eclipsing binary star ALGOL (beta persei). In Ancient star lore arabic ra’s al ghul (the demons head) is tied to this by helping one release the amount of dmt that one would use upon natural death.

Futher along the commentary he describes that if one was to use a triangulum to project oneself into the astronomical constellation and allowing the ‘spirit’ of Algol to manifest within the experimenter. Of course he explains the similarities of the 10 aether at Bou-Saada when Crowley placed himself in the triangle of art while invoking Chronzon. The only other person I have heard of mentioning that is E.A. On some podcast on the you tubes.

So has anyone ever had the balls or know someone who has had the balls to attempt this? I have talked about this to other peeps and usually that freak out by even talking about it. As I work through evoking eternity, progress is made to remove the circle. So using the triangle as a projection point does seem as crazy a most would put it.

If anyone is familiar with the poem or the process cares to respond im all ears.