Hey everyone, I lost a djinn ring, and I cant find it nowhere. I dont have any money to buy a new vessel. I think I’m under attack by the djinn. I cant seem to evoke any spirit. I think hes vampyrising off of my energy that I build up through rituals. I feel empty soulless. If anyone could read my energy to tell me if I’m ok would be great. And what to do about the djinn. I would appreciate this. Thankyou

If it was an accident, the Djinn is probably not attacking you. Unless he or she actively didn’t like you in the first place and you somehow entrapped them and lost the ring to boot making it doubly agitating for them. But, seriously though, you’re likely just worrying about the ring and letting panic effect the situation. Calm down and ask your Djinn friend to either guide you to where the ring is, or help you find an adequate new vessel. Remember that the Spirits we work with are our comrades. I doubt they wanna just sit by and wail on you when they could help you.


If things aren’t resolved soon, you can use the Scattering ritual in this book to stop it. It will mean you won’t be able to work with the Jinn for a while afterwards though. But that ritual is very effective. I’ve used it lots of times.

Thankyou all for your feedback