Djinn rulers

Anyone worked allready with the Iblis-Shaithan Djinns:

Sunday - Sun: Al-Madhhab

Monday - Moon: Al-Abyadd

Tuesday - Mars: Al Ahmar

Wednesday - Mercury: Burqan

Thursday - Jupiter: Shamhurash

Friday - Venus: Zawba’ah

Saturday - Saturn: Maymun

What were your experiences?



Why do you feel so familiar ?

Yes I have

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That’s awesome!!! I have started some weeks ago. Beautiful entities with lots of different skills. They work really fast and are witchesfriendly especially most dedicated to the Devil
Can you suggest a djinn Black magic forum?

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You can’t find much accurate info about these beings on occult forums…

Look for books instead

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Yes i noticed that too somehow only a few work with the shaytanic Djinns

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they are Jinn kings, they are not those of the days of the week, but of the 7 planets and they are the servants of the planetary magic squares. They are very powerful and you can work for many fields with them. the king “shamharush” is dead, the one who took his place is “Maymun al sahabi”

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