Djinn / jinn

According to EA ‘s new asmodeus companion , Bill Duvendack says that ASMODEUS is the lord of the JINN but according to the GRIMOIRE OF AZAZEL , there’s a chapter on KING PAIMON which says he rules over the JINNS and is the LORD of them . So who really is the KING OF THE DJINNS is it KING PAIMON or ASMODEUS ?

How would this, information benefit you? Some say it’s Amaymon. I mean every one of them rules over their specific spirits

Oh alright . In the goetia it says king paimon rules the djinns


He says that he has control of SOME Djinn Legions, providing that this interview is legimate. :thinking:

The Djinn have many kings and queens.

Asmodeus is son of Azazel and Naamah he’s a king of Djinn as well as king within the realm of Djinn called Jinnestan.

Paimon is believed to be a Djinn as well as one of its Kings, but also another theory is that Paimon is king of the Djinn that reside within the Infernal nation in his province.


I actually remember reading here from a channeling that King Paimon said he is not of the Djinn, but he commands them

I don’t really take channelings as any real proof as most channelings are soaked in their own ideals.

To me Paimon is either Djinn or a goetia demon, I use to be more on the latter but with more understanding I lean to the former.

Well, He told me (no I did not ”channel“ this info, I am not a channeler and I never will claim to be one) during an invocation that He is not of the djinn, but He commands them, which I took to mean He is indeed their King and not simply ”a djinn“. I was surprised when He told me that, it wasn’t something I had given any thought to before. As far as I know, this coincides with what others have learned, too. Btw He is not their only king, there are others as well. On a side note: Having worked with Him and started my relationship with Him without preconceived ideas or theories, I have never seen Him as a demon from the Goetia, I have come the conclusion (that I am not trying to convince anyone of) that He is something else and something much older than that cobbled-together mishmash of spirits. If people want to see Him as a djinn that’s actually a lot more accurate than the whole demon thing. But I don’t want to dissuade anyone from their beliefs. By all means, take everything with a grain of salt and make up your own mind.