Djinn Conjuring To Perform Stage Magic

Hello guys,

Does any one know how to Conjure a djinn that can help stage magic.
For example Mind reading, object moving, influencing someones mind, hypnosis, etc
Please non insult replies I’ve got only love to offer lol :slight_smile:


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I’m certain you can use the search function and find a great guide here. That being said, I wouldn’t really bother a Djinn with such things.

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Look at David Blaine, Cooperfield,Dynamo,Shin Lim etc this is a old hidden knowledge what is assisted by djinns. It is obvious:)

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They use old hidden knowledge of misdirection. Stage magic is nothing more. Smoke and mirrors boys, smoke and mirrors.


He is correct for the most part. There are however, certain magicians who have tried to incorporate a demon into their performance. It didn’t turn out to well. I wouldn’t recommend it.


I agree that the secrets to stage magic is misdirection. All of these tricks look mysterious and impossible, but once you learn how they are done, all of the mystery and magic disappears. I doubt any spiritual entities are involved at all.


@SoranX6. I just want to say I meant no disrespect, I only seek to spread knowledge be it mystic or material.

Its okay brother I appreciate your effort to reply

Like who? Please feel free to tell me any names so I can look it up.

A lot of magicians such as david copperfield, blain, chris angel, and many others were facinated by magic at a very young age, and they admit they use the occult and have done seonces with groups of people. Occult shit is all over their flyers, its common to see a demon wispering in the stage magicians ear. I was wondering this too. Because a lot of it seems more than just simple misdirection. You know they have to of tapped into some spiritual master and befriended it. Idk i just think a lot of it is with the power of entities with this big stage magician guys.

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0% occult. 100% illusion and misdirection. None of them is using any kind of occult magick. They buy and sell those tricks from each other when they’re outdated and they create something better. Later on it becomes available to less famous stage magicians. The idea that they’re using spirits or demons is a Christian/Religious lie. I bought few of them out of curiosity, many require a lot of high-tech equipment and assistance to be performed right.

People who claim there are any spiritual magick involved in those illusions are only forcing their own beliefs without any supporting evidence except YT videos made by people with the same beliefs and no proof.

It’s a business and industry like any other, and only exists for entertainment. Nothing spiritual about it. Thinking that any spirit is involved in those tricks, is like someone looks at an airplane flaying in the sky and believes that Djinn are making it fly.


Did u tried to work with King Paimon about these gifts? I know they are real and not fake staged magic lol

How do you know/assume “none of them is using any kind of occult magick” ?

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Because I was interested in learning that a while ago, so managed to contact people who work in this business/industry, had a mentor for few months and bought few of their stage magick performances and learned how it’s done. Pure technical illusions, nothing occult about them whatsoever. All their performances are illusions made for entertainment. If you want, you can research that yourself and you’ll find out the same thing. This is not an opinion, I do not “assume” anything.

There are forums, websites and agencies that you can join/contact to learn this business and start your own then get contracts with entertainment networks by hiring a showbiz agent or personal connections.

How do you know/assume that some of them is using any kind of occult magick ?


Cheers, if you look at my post I did not post my stance on this (whether I believe there is occult used or not) :slight_smile: I am neutral on this.


I understand, thank you :slight_smile: I was just making the point that on the other side, people who suggest that those stage magicians perform any kind of occult magick, they do that without enough research - if any at all.

Unfortunately, it all starts with religious propaganda. Because they need people to believe that there are Demons working with those illusionists to deceive “believers” with magick and the occult. They need their followers to keep that mentality of Good vs evil, Jesus or Allah vs the devil… and they use anything for that without shame.

And that’s fine, they’re doing that for ages. But to spread it here among occultists … :slight_smile:


I am also not sure if your audience would be able to view the apparitions of the demon. One of the hardest things for people to learn is to be able to see what they are summoning. Although this is merely an assumption, I am not sure they could see it. I might experiment in the future perhaps. If you were using the demon for stuff like mind reading this would obviously be impractical. You could do this you self. So I don’t see the practicality of using a demon in stage magic unless you are trying to cause something to appear or disappear. I hope this makes sense