Divining dead birds

I’ve seen a butt load of dead birds all over the place. I partly new that they were a sign or something dying but when I did a little research I realized they are a sign of a new beginning then a sign of death and loss.

That being said. How to go about divinating the meaning of the omen? I mean standing there over a dead bird with my arms reaching out itsnt very inticing for the imagery.


I thought this thread was about reading the omen through opening their guts. so ill suggest that.

I think there has to be a “language of birds” somewhere, where crows mean one thing, doves another.

Is it possible the birds are being killed by something you need to know about?

I love critters, so even if they are omens and whatever, maybe asking for them not to be dead, dunno… that’s just me being a bunny-hugger though! :smiley:

I. Don’t need to do a druid autopsy to know they ran into glass and walls.

I can’t readily id the species beyond. It has wings and flies. Maybe I could take a feather or a leg or simply grasp some lingering energy