Divine vs Demonic

I know demons don’t like the monotheistic god, but what about other gods like Odin, Ares, Perun, or Thoth?

Depends on the demon and the god.

Basically is there similar animosity?

Many so-called demons were once revered as gods, so that distinction is a bit blurry to begin with. But some do have rivalries or simply do not get along.

But can they, or do they, coexist?

Sure, but like Prophet said, it depends.

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I think if you approach the question from an energetic current perspective, they can certainly coexist, but some currents may be so distant or incompatible that they can be totally opposed to each other when you work with them.


In the Bible, God forbids to worship foreign deities and I guess that some of them have a mutual sentiment (I also wonder how well it would go, should one try to Ascend/become a god by invoking almost everyone) but on the other hand, indeed, there may be correspondences.

Well, that’s been around for centuries. Societies see “foreign Gods” being worshipped by other nations and forbid their people from worshipping them, followed by trying to wipe out said “idolaters”.

There isn’t really a need to invoke everyone, just however much you need to reach your goal. :slightly_smiling_face: