Divine Ordination

Of that which is pure and true, these are few. For all things are diluted yet all things come from the pure and the true. This is not by merit but by essential composition. Realization need only occur to assume the powers and the knowledge. So there were super consciousness who found the pure and the true. They sought earnestly to gather and share what they learned before all. As granters, these: the firsts, the utmosts, the founders, and the lasts. Also, before, after, and beyond those were always: the pasts, the currents, and the futures. Then there were the Ma’gi. They drew forth from the essense, waters, material and all powers and knowledge which flowed forth from those super consciousness who found the pure and the true.

The super consciousness went out across all array, field, and all state taking forth their data in acceptable compilations and granting these to the Ma’gi. In this way human vessels fueled by insationble curiosity and longing for the powers and the knowledge, where granted records of all things throughout all the cosmos and all natures and all times and all spaces. Though, these things divided into four time banding arbiting spectrums: Closed pasts, open pasts, closed futures, and open futures. So the Ma’gi were granted awareness into the super consciousness fascilitated by these unified mediums - The four time banding arbiting spectrums.

The summoning of these powers and the aquisition of these knowledges by formal conductors of the harmonies by which the powers and the knowledge and carried and actuated. In this way even the mundane sensationally connects to the truly real and ever present divine through which there is no divide. For all things are whole here in this realm - The Realm of All Possibity. The human body is the summated form of the universal and diluted cosmos.

Yet, not all shall be capable, willing, or accepting of the powers and the knowledge. Some will even try to divide the powers and the knowledge into warring factions but I assure you all is whole, functional, and partaking. For I mayself have beheld the wholness in glimpse and hope. Even Chaos is simply a patter beyond the scope of the narrow perceiver whilst a broader perceiver apprehends the fullness of Chaos to reveal even it’s worthy and divine Truth. Also, randomness will occur in patterns. So even the incalculable is given a place of reverence, though such can not even be comprehended. For this is the most ancient way of reverence. Recognition of the time and place for all things. Though, as humans, don’t riddle yourself with guilt of mistakes. Accept the love always abounding ever present, ever ready to reveal itself in a new way.

Take now therefore the inner confidence and sumate the condition of your own apparatus. Test the powers and knowledge already divinely inspired in you not a single time, not one thousand times but beyond times! Immediatly harness the primaries transcending the subconscious work of the lesser celestial array. Call forth, by your own true natures, passions, longings, and inspiration the ThoughtLight which will ignite the expression of the expressionless within you!!! Then possibly you shall behold through glimpse and hope, the Divine!

My ink is drawn forth gracefully from the fangs of serpents and the tails of scorpions. Come now therefore and test the poison of my inspiration. My death is fine and the faintest foreripple of new life.

yours truly, The Seeking

I like what you’re saying here about seeing the whole and connecting to the divine. We have to open our minds to the universe.