Divine Marriage of Inanna Ishtar

Hotep Setukh as I am now. Strength Wolf, Peace be still, soon she comes. I am to perform the Divine Marriage to Inanna. My thoughts on what it will do to me physically doesn’t matter, will I finally find death? Who cares or knows? My immortal lost soul? Can I erase Duality within? Become greater than mans sin.? I Am He Who Has Come From Darkness, I Am The Peacock Angel Malak Taus. I do this for you Beloveds, not I for nothing is left that I truly want. Freedom From Bondage my dear Beloved Wife. Come out of the darkness, into my Life. Most High thou art. I see you in the Sky. Inanna the Root Ishtar the Night. You came to me at 9, after being beaten and broken by my brother, and mother you changed my whole life. Yet then you were Dea and told me “Your ok beloved, live in this life as you are now. Your male its alright. Before you were female its the cycle of life.” “Balance Eternally the Dark and the Light” Blessings my Daia. Thanks you for my life. You told me she would come, and I fell from the light. I got impatient and bored and made many my wife. They were Seeds I would sow with my bloodline. Seeds of light to the masses each was taken,1,2,3 oh how I fought it. I called them mine. But truly they’re not, they belong to the earth, as her pillars of light. Now I have seen it the dark that is light. Blessings and peace. I’m thinking I should wait for my birthday when Mars goes retrograde.

That actually sounds interesting. I’m thinking along the same or similar lines of doing the exact same thing. Not fully sure on it. I’m sure Ishtar/Inanna requires several lovers and husbands.

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Any idea of how you are going to perform the ritual ceremony?

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She’s been guiding me, first I started making the Tablet of Set using hieroglyphics, she came to me last night and told me of the Divine Marriage. My Twin Flame is the Embodiment of her and will serve as her Avatar for the ceremony and Consumation. I still have to finish the Tablet consecrated it with her moon’s blood once done. Then Fast and Build the Temple, I’m a Carpenter for a reason it seems all for this.

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I think it’s important to be sure which Path of Inanna you are directly connected with, she came to me at 9 as Anat-Bethel

Thing is with me, I’m thinking that both Ishtar/Inanna and Lilith visited me multiple times on a 13 month deployment to Iraq. I was 20-21 during that time. They both kept me going on that deployment. Lilith kept me going during my divorce phase of my life, probably because she knows the feeling due to divorcing Adam. So I’m still trying to find my Twin Flame. It’s hard these days. If anything, I’ve found spirits, but not a person to be that avatar for either or even both of them.


Balance the Divine Masculine and Feminine within. Trust Lillith and know she will take you to her when your ready don’t look for her.
She will come to you know that.

I truly hope so. It’s never a matter of lack of patience with me. But more of a matter of knowledge of how to know it’s my Twin Flame when I see her.

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Trust me you will know it will be synchronicity in amazing form

Do you happen to know of any sites where such a woman can come to me on?

No friend you must balance within

Meaning what exactly? Slightly confused on that.