Divine light in dark magic

on rare occasions EA talks about using divine light in our work. for example he mentioned in his youtube video “The Night A Demon Crept Into My Bedroom To Hunt Me” he talks about a method of spiritual defence were we can basically suck the light of creation in from around us and concentrating it into an attack. in the soul travel course he recommends this exercise were we should “cycle” the light through ourselves as sort of a way to prepare ourselves. i know it’s kind of ridicules and a bit limiting but my prejudice against the light is so strong that i don’t want to do it. i know i need to get over this idea but that’s going to take a while so the question becomes can i do these things visualising darkness instead? or something else entirely? any other ideas or suggestions ? please discuss.


I posted a method I use that involves darkness here:


do you mean
"I do that WoD vis, seeing all beings around me enmeshed in darkness like chunks of fruit suspended in a jelly, then recite:

“In darkness bound, Obey (my godname)”

and then add any other instructions that I feel are pertinent."?

Instead of Divine light try primordial darkness

so that works? you don’t have to use the light because it’s illuminating or something?

Of course it does.

Yes, you need to visualise it, feel it, and then use it as a binding method. :thumbsup: